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Dimmu Borgir: April recession

Publisert: 05/14/2007 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Sales continue to drop on the Norwegian phonogram market. April sales were down 24% compared to last year.

The latest sales figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors tell the tale of a market caught in a downward spiral. Compared to last year, sales (including physical units and downloads) have dropped with as much as 24%. Sales of physical units were down 27% compared to April 2006, while downloads rose with 63% in the same month.

Sales of singles were down 72% in value while Music DVDs were up 22% in value compared to April last year.

So far in 2007, 2,5m albums, 120 000 singles and 77 000 Music DVDs have been sold, resulting in a turnover of NOK 156m ($52m/€19.2). Download sales amounted to NOK 12m. Combined sales of downloads and physical units are down 5% in 2007.

Sales of domestic repertoire has declined with as much as 24%. The domestic percentage of total sales in the first four months of 2007 is 33.

These were the market shares in April 2007:

Universal 35,2%
Sony BMG 22,9%
Warner 8,6%
VME 8,2%
Bonnier Amigo/Tuba 7,2%
MO 6,3%
Playground 5,3%
Bare Bra / Tylden 5%
MBO Sales Norway 3,1%
KKV 0,6%
EMI Recorded Music -4,8%

Total turnover in April 2007 was NOK 27,2m ($4,5m/€3,3m).

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