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New Violators (Foto: Kim Nygård) (330x223)CMJ Marathon With Norwegian Bands

Publisert: 09/28/2007 av - Ed.


From October 16, hordes of bands will participate in the annual CMJ Music Marathon. And Norway attends with full force; no less than six bands will be performing.

People living in Greenwich Village won't get much sleep from October 16 to October 20. More than 100 000 industry professionals, artists, and fans are expected to turn up at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon, making it even bigger than the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

Seven Norwegian bands will hit the CMJ stages this year. The bands come from all different parts of Norway, such as Ida Maria from up north and New Violators from Trondheim. The other artists to perform are Monomen, Bonk, Datarock (who are also going to perform in NY September 29) and Ungdomsskulen.

The festival has taken place for almost 30 years now, and this year will probably not be the last. Last year CMJ was expanded from four to five days, and it's still growing. Most of the bands at the festival are usually up-and-coming artists, and many have moved on to become huge stars, such as REM, the Beastie Boys, Green Day, Radiohead and Eminem.

Besides five days of concerts, countless films will be on display along with an exhibition area at the festival.

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