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Sondre Lerche 2007 (photo: Ruvan Wijesooriya) (300x452)Sondre Lerche heads out on US/Canadian tour

Publisert: 11/07/2007 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


His soundtrack for the motion picture Dan In Real Life has landed Sondre Lerche with a string of strong reviews. Now the songsmith returns to North America for a hectic November tour.

First time he recorded an album, Lerche was still in high school. That was seven years ago. Even though his first album Faces Down certainly witnessed a talented artist who could both sing and write, today’s Sondre Lerche is much more mature. The songs Lerche is going to play on his upcoming tour is taken from his forth and last album, Phantom Punch, and according to the artist himself, this album makes you just want to jump out of the speakers.

“They are punchy, concise pop songs, played with a restless spirit”.

The sound on the latest album is also more aggressive, and he really didn't want to write songs which just went on and on.

"These songs are cut to the bone, not a second longer than they have to be", says Lerche.

The result is a total of eleven songs, and perhaps the audience also will have the pleasure of hearing some of his former hit songs on the upcoming tour as well? Time will tell!

The Dan In Real Life (Virgin/EMI) soundtrack features 11 new Lerche compositions, a duet with Regina Spector, Lerche’s rendition of Pete Townsend’s ‘Let My Love Open The Door’ as well as a selection of classic Lerche tracks from previous albums.

Wrote the Santa Barbara Independent in its review: “Lerche delivers the bittersweet, poppy, real-life-sounding goods here, showing that soundtracks needn’t always be wannabe Top 40 smorgasbords — they can both add to a film and stand on their own as powerfully lovely albums.”

The Daily Beacon is equally as positive: “With the “Dan in Real Life” soundtrack, Lerche has delivered a sweet, enjoyable album, which should interest a wide audience with its varied stylistic influences.”

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