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Commotio 2007 (350x222)UK premiere for Norwegian composer

Publisert: 11/30/2007 av - Ed.


Commotio, Oxford's leading performers of contemporary choral music, will be singing the late Norwegian composer Svein Møller's 'Ave Verum' in December at two locations in the UK.

Commotio is one of Oxford's leading choral groups and was formed in August 1999 to provide an alternative to the more readily available repertoire offered by most other chamber choirs. They perform primarily lesser known material of the 20th and 21st centuries, and Matthew Berry, the founder and conductor of the choir, enthusiastically promotes the work of a younger generation of composers, as well as bringing to the fore little known works of more established writers. In short, Commotio offers singers and audiences alike something a little different.

Commotio have been very much involved in performing Norwegian music in recent years, giving the UK premieres of Jon Mostad's 'The Lord is my Shepherd' and 'Sing to the Lord' as well as performing works by Knut Nystedt, Egil Hovland and Trond H.F. Kverno. A CD of works for choir and cello, performed by Commotio, and including Knut Nystedt's 'Stabat Mater', will be released on the Herald label in February 2008.

Svein Møller (1958 – 1999) was a Norwegian composer and educated organ musician, who played a vital musical role within the Norwegian church. He spent 15 years as head of music and the church choir at Nordstrand parish in Norway. His ‘Ave Verum’ will be performed by Commotio at Merton College Chapel, Oxford and at Douai Abbey, near Reading.

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