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Trio MediŠval (200x180)Trio MediŠval: “Best classical record” in The New York Times

Publisert: 12/03/2007 av Christian Lysvňg


Trio MediŠval’s latest album Folk Songs is number one the New York Times’ list of this year’s best classical recordings.

On Folk Songs the celebrated trio investigates their Scandinavian roots, with a powerful and compelling account of Norwegian folk songs. The three voices are accompanied by hushed drumming and the characteristic traditional instrument the Jews harp, creating a haunting balance between the ethereal and the grounded.

The New York Times’ classical critic James Ostreicher writes: “This wonderful trio of Scandinavian women, based in Oslo, has long tantalized audiences with samplings of Norwegian folk songs. Here, at last, is a full helping, infectious and addictive, as warm or meditative lyricism alternates with joyous friskiness.”

Trio MediŠval are presently touring the US with folk-drummer and Jews harp player Birger Mistereggen. Their performance in Oregon last Tuesday compelled a critic to call it “easily one of the most extraordinary concerts in Portland this year.”

The final show of the tour, at Carnegie hall (Weill recital hall) in NYC, was sold out in twenty minutes.

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