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Frode Gjerstad Kongsberg 2007_2 (Foto: Carl Kristian Johansen) (330x264)Frode Gjerstad Trio to tour the US and Canada

Publisert: 12/10/2007 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Veteran free-improv outfit Frode Gjerstad Trio is set to tour the US and Canada in mid-December.

December 11th sees one of Norway’s finest free-improv outfits, the Frode Gjerstad Trio, kicking off their US/Canadian tour.

The Frode Gjerstad Trio made their debut at the Nattjazz festival in Bergen, Norway in May 1999. Since then, they’ve toured in Scandinavia and played at festivals in Norway, Italy, Austria, U.S., Canada, receiving recognition for their high energy and free improvisation. The trio’s first CD "The Blessing Light" was released in spring 2001 (Cadence). Other releases are "Sharp Knives Cut Deeper" with Peter Brötzmann (Splasch), "Last First" (Falcata Galia) and "St.Louis" (FMR). Their latest recording is “Mothers & Fathers & (Circulasione Totale). The trio's music has its roots in the free-jazz tradition, the way it was defined by Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus, Eric Dolphy and John Coltrane. The trio also takes inspiration from the European free scene.

Frode Gjerstad has for many years declared his enthusiasm towards small line-ups, and especially trio. Recently he has worked in the duo format with Peter Brötzmann and his trio partners have included Johnny Dyani, Kent Carter, John Stevens, William Parker, Rashied Bakr, William Parker and Hamid Drake. This is his first Norwegian trio. With over 20 recordings as a leader he has established himself as a major saxophonist on the international scene.

Řyvind Storesund has emerged as a bass player with extremely high energy and stamina. Taking inspiration from William Parker and Jamaaladeen Tacuma and letting the two's styles work together, he represents a new generation of Norwegian bassists.

Paal Nilssen-Love is one of Norway's most active drummers and has established himself as a powerful and dynamic musician through regular groups with Mats Gustafsson (The Thing), Ken Vandermark (School Days) and Raoul Björkenheim amongst others.

Related persons:

Frode Gjerstad, Musician; Musical Director

Paal Nilssen-Love, Jazz drummer and Percussionist

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11.12.2007 Frode Gjerstad Trio US/Canadian tour

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