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Ida Maria, 2007 (287x432)Ida Maria back in the UK

Publisert: 02/06/2008 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


February sees Ida Maria back in the UK for a string of gigs.

One of last year’s most successful newcomers, Ida Maria, is back in the UK in February for five concerts, following the release of her debut single ‘Oh My God’ in October 2007.

Q Magazine has already fallen in love with Ida and describes the artist and her tune as “The Strokes fronted by Bjork – that’ll give you some idea of the itchy, tick-tock energy that fizzes through Ida Maria’s debut single Oh My God. The Norwegian born singer describes it as "a song to have a panic attack to - like a desperate shout.” That description tells you much about Ida Maria’s hyperactive, full-tilt approach: she once went so crazy on stage she cracked her ribs. Another time she head-butted a guitar and sustained a gushing head wound. A Norah Jones-style shrinking violet she is not.”

Ida Maria moved to Bergen on the southwest coast of Norway at the age 16, where she played many solo gigs with her guitar and bass. She later moved to Uppsala, Sweden, where she “pretended to study” whilst forming a band with three other musicians and eventually running her own record label Nesna Records. Ida Maria hit the headlines in 2006 in Norway when she won national radio station NRK P3’s talent competition ‘Urørt’ (Untouched). Now aged 23 she says “I am a bit eerie, I guess I am a bit like a cloud in that way. Floating in space. I am a weirdo, but in my "older" days I’ve become better and better at communicating with the outside world.”

The Norwegian musician will be performing five concerts in the UK in February, three of the concerts supporting the UK act Young Knives.

Late February also sees Ida Maria performing at one of Scandianvia’s most important music industry events, Oslo’s by:Larm. Ida Maria will be competing with fellow Norwegian acts Madcon, Lukestar, The Lionheart Brothers, Susanna Wallumrød, Shining, Ungdomskulen, Charlotte & the Co-stars, Superfamily and Serena Maneesh for a NOK 800 000 (€ 10k/ $ 14,5k) talent grant donated by Norwegian oil giant StatoilHydro.


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