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Casiokids (photo: Vinciane Verguethen) (350x233)

Casiokids: instant karma

Publisert: 02/06/2009 av Christian Lysvåg


«Scandinavia’s premier pop-tronica outfit,» reads NME’s description of Casiokids; most playful spawn of the Bergen vogue. The name relates to the band relying on vintage Casio synths, and with an almost equal emphasis on theatre, props and on-stage performance, their aim is to make electronic music more visual. Casiokids is a new concept, not just a hot new name in electro pop; their dance- and joy-inspiring amalgam has taken Britain and Europe by playful surprise. I had a talk with Casiokids’ singer Ketil Kinden Endresen during the troupe’s recent brief stop in Norway and the first feeling was, again, surprise. Predisposed as I was, to think of Casiokids as a fun-only albeit ingenious outfit; a group balancing on the borderline between pure toyishness and adult dance-floor feel-good, I was immediately intrigued by the diverse perspectives presented by Casiokid Ketil.