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Jon Ĝivind Ness 09/Foto: Observatoriet (248x268)

Jon Ĝivind Ness: Low Jive and the quest for new beauty

Publisert: 02/12/2009 av Christian Lysvċg


Last week saw the release of Low Jive, a portrait of the Norwegian contemporary composer Jon Ĝivind Ness. It is not the first time a full record has been dedicated to Ness’ music, but he still thinks of it as a breakthrough of sorts. Not least because it is Norway’s finest orchestra the Oslo Philharmonic that has laid its hands the difficult piece that lends name to the record. However, it was the soloists Peter Herresthal, violin, and Ĝystein Birkeland , cello, who made it all happen. On the record they play a Ness piece each, mad Cap Tootling and Wet Blubber Soup, for violin and cello respectively. Eager fans of Ness’ music they describe him as a musicians’ composer. We asked him what it is that has earned him this splendid epithet.