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Lindstrøm (200x299)Lindstrøm: Alone down the open road

Publisert: 03/09/2009 av Christian Lysvåg


A cult figure of contemporary dance music, the zeitgeisty music media’s descriptions of Hans-Peter Lindstrøm range from «Norway’s new posterboy» to «reclusive auteur». For years every new single from his hand has been the cause of much anticipation and subsequent dance floor bliss, and his name has become synonymous with suave, citric-fresh feel good. His latest album Where you go I go too reaped unanimous acclaim from the international horde of aficionado critics. He is also one of the most sought-after remixers around. Despite his success he is still very modest and down-to-earth about it all and happy to talk to MIC about his upcoming release (with Prins Thomas), his label Feedelity and the years ahead.

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