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Alexander Rybak 2009 (350x198)Norway wins the Eurovision Song Contest Final!

Publisert: 05/16/2009 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Sensational victory for Norway’s Alexander Rybak at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Final in Moscow!

A landslide of votes from all across Europe secured Norway’s new media darling Alexander Rybak a massive victory in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Final held in Moscow.

Rybak’s infectious, fiddle-fuelled tune Fairytale backed by Norway’s finest folk dancers Frikar took Europe with storm outclassing all other contestants with a wide margin.

Classically trained, Belarus-born wonderboy Alexander Rybak confidently mastered Norwegian folk music inspired fiddle playing in unison with his trademark vocals as more than 100 million eager Eurovision voters watched the nerve wracking Moscow finals. Iceland and Turkey proved to be Norway’s contestants for the prestigious victory, but eventually it proved to be Rybak and Norway’s night as voters all across Europe cast their votes in favor of Norway’s baby-faced prodigy.

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