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Gro Marie Svidal 2009 (400x267)Gro Marie Svidal

Publisert: 09/14/2009 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Gro Marie Svidal is one of the leading voices in Norway’s new generation of young and vital Hardanger Fiddle players. Her focus is on renditions of traditional tunes from the Hordaland and Sogn & Fjordane counties, and she has established herself as a performer that is being described as multi-faceted and highly professional by her peers. Warmth and enthusiasm are two words that pop up frequently when Svidal’s live performances are reviewed and she displays a strong ability to perform a varied repertoire that ranges from lyrical, fragile and personal reflections to extrovert and powerful outbursts of energy. Trained at the Ole Bull Academy and the Norwegian State Academy of Music under the supervision of Hardanger Fiddle giants Sigmund Eikås, Håkon Høgemo and Leif Rygg, Svidal has a solid professional foundation that enables her to reach across genre boundaries and collaborate with performers and artists representing other musical styles and forms of expression. Svidal has contributed on a number of releases and debuted this year with her applauded solo release ‘Hardingfele’ (Hardanger Fiddle).

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