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Tord Gustavsen - Foto: Werner Anderson 2005 (200x300)Tord Gustavsen Ensemble heads out on UK tour

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Mid-Occtober sees masters of lyrical Nordic piano-driven jazz, Tord Gustavsen Ensemble, heading out on a UK tour.

Pianist Tord Gustavsen has launched a quartet version of his acclaimed ensemble and will be touring the UK as well as releasing a new album in October.

The music of Tord Gustavsen Ensemble show traces of instpiration from sources as diverse as Scandinavian folk music; Caribbean music; early blues, gospel and hymns and Impressionism – but all transformed and integrated into a highly original universe.

Tord Gustavsen Ensemble’s new CD “Restored, Returned” was recorded in Oslo in January 2009, and will be released in the UK in time for Gustavesen’s autumn concerts. The quartet will perform a series of concerts throughout the UK in October, and will return to Britain to perform at the London Jazz Festival 21 November.

Tord Gustavsen Ensemble consists of Tore Brunborg on saxophones, Mats Eilertsen on bass, Jarle Vespestad on drums and Tord Gustavsen on piano.

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