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HCMF 2010: Norway focus

Publisert: 11/02/2010 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Beginning in 2010, Norwegian music will for three years hold a prominent position on the roster of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (HCMF).

2010 marks the start of a three-year Norwegian focus at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (HCMF). The festival collaborates closely with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London and MIC Norway to create a strong programme featuring composers, ensembles and performers that showcase the strength and diversity of Norwegian contemporary music. For the last decade, the festival has featured a long list of Norwegian performers and composers, perhaps most notably accordionist Frode Haltli and composer Rolf Wallin. The two are also featured on this year’s roster as well as other strong names such as Ole-Henrik, Moe, Eivind Buene, Olav Anton Thommessen and SPUNK. HCMF also pays tribute to the pioneering electronic sounds of Norwegian icon Arne Nordheim, who died in June.

This year's HCMF takes place from Friday 19 November to Sunday 29 November, in locations ranging from the University of Huddersfield's spectacular concert venue, St Paul's Hall, to the less conventional surrounds of a moving passenger train.

HCMF director Artistic Director Graham McKenzie comments on the special focus on Norwegian music for the 2010 festival:

A special focus on Norwegian music at HCMF// 2010 from John Bonner on Vimeo.

MIC Norway's latest 99 Minutes webcast features an overview of the composers and performers featured at the 2010 HCMF including Ole-Henrik, Moe Rolf Wallin, Jon Øivind Næss, Arne Nordheim Matsc, Lene Grenager, SPUNK, SEKSTETT, Michael Francis Duch, Frode Haltli, Eivind Buene, POING, Trond Reinholdtsen, Olav Anton Thommessen, moha!, and Gjermund Larsen Trio. Tune in to the webcast here.

Check out HCMF’s own Norway-focus Spotify playlist: Norway at hcmf2010

The Norwegian programme at the 2010 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival:

Saturday 20 November

St Paul's Hall 1pm,
Christian Wolff for one, two or three people
Lene Grenager Rondo for Michael (hcmf// commission) (UK Premiere)
Christian Wolff for harp player (co-commissioned by hcmf// and November Music)

Rhodri Davies / Michael Duch / John Tilbury improvisation
Mariam Rezaei new work (hcmf// commission) (UK Premiere)
Christian Wolff 13 Piano Pieces
Ben Patterson new work for trio (hcmf// commission) (UK Premiere)

Rhodri Davies harp
Michael Duch bass (som bor i Trondheim)
John Tilbury piano

Saturday 20 November

Lawrence Batley Theatre 5pm,
Rolf Wallin "Seven Imperatives"
Rebecca Saunders Soliloquy
Naomi Pinnock
Oscillare (hcmf// commission) (World Premiere)

Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Frode Halti Accordion

Sunday 21 November

St Paul's Hall 12 noon,
Per Nørgård Solo in Scèna
Bent Sørensen new work for solo cello (World Premiere)
Bent Sørensen The Lady of Shalott
Per Nørgård Plucking the Strings (World Premiere)
Jon Øyvind Ness A.J.P. Tailoring
Per Nørgård Secret Voices (UK Premiere)
Simon Holt Telarañas (co-commissioned by hcmf//, Elvermose Concerter and Musikforeningen Caecilia) (UK Premiere)

Jakob Kullberg cello
Peter Herresthal violin

Wednesday 24 November

Phipps Hall 10pm,
Jonty Harrison new work (World Premiere)
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay new work (UK Premiere)
Monty Adkins new work
Ned Bouhalassa The Lighthouse
Natasha Barrett Mobilis in Mobili
Louis Dufort Pointe-aux-Trembles
Pete Stollery ABZ/A

Thursday 25 November

A Tribute to Arne Nordheim

Phipps Hall 10pm,
Arne Nordheim:
Partitia fur Paul
Listen inside outside

Eldbjørg Hemsing, fiolin
Einar Steen-Nøklebberg, piano
Mats Claesson electronics
Asbjørn Blokkum Flø electronics

Friday 26 November

Phipps Hall 4pm,
Peter Ablinger Instrumente und Rauschen
Trond Reinholdsten Concert Music
Peter Ablinger selection from Voices and Piano
Trond Reinholdsten
13 Music Theatre Pieces

Plus Minus

Saturday 27 November

St Paul's Hall 3pm,
Ole-Henrik Moe

Vent (UK Premiere)
Litt (UK Premiere)
Lenger (UK Premiere)

Arditti Quartet
Ole-Henrik Moe violin

Saturday 27 November

Bates Mill 7.30pm,
Rolf Wallin Stream

Iannis Xenakis Rebonds
Salvatore Sciarrino
Rolf Wallin Curiosity Cabinet
Helmut Lachenmann
Rolf Wallin Appearances

London Sinfonietta
Baldur Brönnimann conductor


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