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BigBang - Live At The Office

Publisert: 05/03/2011 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Strong ‘Live At The Office’ gig by BigBang in late April.

Late April saw BigBang playing a fantastic 'Live At The Office' performance, shot on location at Fredrikstad-based IT-firm Predictor's office:

BigBang - Live At The Office from MICnorway on Vimeo.

Bigbang has been dubbed 'Norway’s Greatest Live Band' and is a major force in the Norwegian music scene. During the past years, the band has spent time focusing on the American market. Based in California, they have criss-crossed the country playing intimate gigs and promoting their North American debut, 2008’s From Acid to Zen. The album was very well received and resulted in great reviews; among others, from Rolling Stone Magazine’s editor David Fricke: “It’s a shotgun buffet, like those early U.S. LPs by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones that combined album tracks and singles from unrelated sessions, and it succeeds the same way: like an instant greatest-hits record.”

With several full-length albums released in Europe having sold over 500,000 units, Bigbang performs at up to twenty-five European festivals per year, rocking 20,000 seat capacity venues at a time. Their raucous live show is such a hot ticket that the band's 2003 double CD release "Radio Radio TV Sleep" is best-selling live album in Norwegian history.

BigBang’s latest album is ‘Epic Scrap Metal’ which was released domestically in spring 2011.

'Live at The Office' is a live concert series presented by the Music Information Centre Norway and NRK, the national Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. For a series of intimate concerts, MIC invites musicians to perform on an unlikely stage for a live concert; the office. Watch intimate video performances of your favorite Norwegian artist, recorded live at MIC’s Oslo office or in selected locations throughout the country.


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