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Gisle Krogseth - Biography

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Gisle Krogseth was born in Norway, near the town of Trondheim in l952. He studied classical guitar in Tromsø, and graduated from the North Norwegian Academy of Music. Post-graduated work (interdisciplinary in composition, philology and music theory), made at the University of Oslo. He also attended various Master Courses at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Krogseth has performed more than 1000 concerts around the world, presented lectures, and given any master classes in composition and guitar. As adjudicator for international guitar competitions, he is frequently used, and he composes for various soloists and ensembles on a regular basis.

He has made several recordings (Music Cassettes, CDs and DVD), and has published over 25 different compositions and guitar works for various publishing companies throughout Europe. His opus and publications also include music for chamber ensembles, large orchestras, operas and symphonic music.

Krogseth has attended many festivals, radio programs, TV and concert-series. In later years his concert repertoires mainly contains his own compositions.

The style he works in, may be described as eclectic, and incorporates traces of classical music, jazz and folk music as well as modern popular music. In his programs there is always an important element of improvisation. For further information see his homesite).

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