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Prakash Sontakke


Conexions: Indian slide guitarist Prakash Sontakke joins Food and Eivind Aarset for their Conexions concert series performance.

One of the only musicians from Karanataka playing the slide guitar and the only one to have won the US Independent World Music Awards and the Nashville Award for Composers. Prakash has toured extensively with his troupe the Prakash Sontakke, International Trio lehera, Moonarra and more recently with Food where he performs with UK saxophonist Iain Ballamy and Norwegian drummer Thomas Strønen.

Sontakke is widely regarded as one of the leading names in the field of Hindustani classical and fusion music. Sontakke is an A grade artiste from the Akashwani and is currently one of the very few people that plays the Hawaiian and slide guitar in the Hindustani style. Prakash prefers to play the Gayaki Ang (vocal style), which recreates the emotion of the human voice on the slide guitar.

Sontakke hooked up with Food as the duo toured India with sitar master Ravi Chary last year. The fruits of the successful collaboration were showcased for a wider audience late last autumn at an applauded performance at the Oslo World Music Festival.

“A magical hybrid of technology and improvisation, ambience and dance.” - BBC Music Magazine


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