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Katzenjammer - European tour dates below

Katzenjammer reaches 100k units

Publisert: 05/24/2012 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


A landmark for Katzenjammer earlier this May; 100k units sold in Germany. Now the collective heads out on an extensive European tour.

“The best gig of Glastonbury 2011” - Steve Lamacq
“Those searching for live entertainment of the highest calibre need look no further- Cougar Microbes
"Will spread a smile on your face from the moment you press play" - Entertainment Focus

Currently tantalizing taste buds with their hotpot of cabaret and party-ready flavours, allgirl multi-instrumentalist Norwegian quartet Katzenjammer released their latest single ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ in early May; a successful launch that accompanied their applauded album ‘A Kiss Before You Go’ also out now throughout Europe.

Rock-Paper-Scissors is a Balkan-tinged hoedown backed with pure pop sensibilities, sure to draw a grin on to the faces of all who listen. It’s a gutsy, below deck fiddle jig which gives the banjo and mandolin a good airing, and is undeniably Katzenjammer.

Earlier this month Katzenjammer reached another landmark in their rapidly accelerating career when the outfit announced that no less than 100 000 physical units had been sold on the German market. In a rapidly dwindling physical market, the achievement stands out, proving that the quartet is on a steadily upwardly moving trajectory.

Late May sees Anne Marit, Marianne, Solveig and Turid taking their insane, live carry-on to the Continent for a string of live dates throughout Europe this spring and summer.

Katzenjammer fever is spreading like wildfire, particularly in the UK, and the band have been picked up by everyone from 6 Music – winning Steve Lamacq’s Rebel Playlist for track ‘I Will Dance (When I Walk Away)’ – to a 3-page feature in The Sunday Times, plus an ever-growing swell of online activity as they support the release of their debut UK album ‘A Kiss Before You Go’.

‘A Kiss Before You Go’ has racked up an impressive array of UK reviews lately; a few excerpts:

‘Culminating in the frankly astonishing harmonised a cappella ‘God’s Great Dust Storm’ – jaws on floor a prerequisite for any listen – A Kiss Before You Go departs, leaving us breathless and pondering over what we’ve just heard. Refusing to be background music, the album requires – and deserves – your full attention as otherwise you’ll drop in at one moment to be wrapped in a lovely acoustic melody, only to swing by later on and be hit with a full-blown gothic drama’. The Digital Fix

‘Everybody's favourite Norwegian multi-instrumentalist female four-piece set sail for the airwaves in their latest swashbuckler of an album. Carving out a unique niche for themselves in the bosom of folk-pop, Anne Marit Bergheim, Marianne Sveen, Solveig Heilo and Turid Jørgensen's latest effort is often raucous, occasionally majestic and close to brilliance. Music OMH


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