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MIC's calendar lists Norwegian artist's concert activities outside Norway as well as music festivals in Norway.

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01.12.2004 Dadafon in Innsbruck
01.12.2004 Kings of Convenience in Hamburg
01.12.2004 Sondre Lerche in Los Angeles
01.12.2004 The Thing in Antwerp
01.12.2004 POING and Maja Ratkje in Dornbirn, Austria
01.12.2004 Ratkje and POING in Dornbirn, Austria
01.12.2004 Gluecifer in Burgos
01.12.2004 Transjoik in Lahore
02.12.2004 Kings of Convenience in Cologne
02.12.2004 Satyricon US tour
02.12.2004 Satyricon in San Francisco
02.12.2004 Kaizers Orchestra in Rennes, France
02.12.2004 Bjørn Berge in Rennes, France
02.12.2004 The Thing in Geneva
02.12.2004 Safariari in Stockholm
02.12.2004 'Heaven' in Duisburg
02.12.2004 Gluecifer in Santiago
02.12.2004 Bonk, Ephemera and The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band in London
03.12.2004 Ratkje and POING in Vienna
03.12.2004 Sondre Lerche in San Diego
03.12.2004 Satyricon in Los Angeles
03.12.2004 Lars Horntvedt in Rennes, France
03.12.2004 The Thing in Salzburg
03.12.2004 Silver in Berlin
03.12.2004 Norwegian christmas concert in London
03.12.2004 'Heaven' in Luxembourg
03.12.2004 Gluecifer in Gasteiz, Spain
03.12.2004 Annie in Leicester
04.12.2004 Tuva Semmingsen in Copenhagen
04.12.2004 Satyricon in Anaheim
04.12.2004 The Thing in Bielefeld, Germany
04.12.2004 Silver in Back Nang, Germany
04.12.2004 Supersilent in Budapest
04.12.2004 'Heaven' in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
05.12.2004 Satyricon in Phoenix
05.12.2004 Silver in Vienna
05.12.2004 'Heaven' in Langenau bei Ulm, Germany
05.12.2004 Supersilent in Bratislava
06.12.2004 Vertavo String Quartet in Innsbruck
06.12.2004 Helldorado Swiss/German tour
06.12.2004 Helldorado in Dortmund
06.12.2004 Phô spiller i Nijmegen
07.12.2004 Helldorado in Zurich
07.12.2004 Tuva Semmingsen in Copenhagen
07.12.2004 Satyricon in Austin
07.12.2004 Lars Anders Tomter in Seoul
08.12.2004 Helldorado in Luzern
08.12.2004 Satyricon in Houston
08.12.2004 Rolf Gupta conducts in Poole, UK
08.12.2004 Gesille in Wayne
08.12.2004 Silver in Torino
09.12.2004 Oslo String Quartet in London
09.12.2004 Leif Ove Andsnes in Frankfurt
09.12.2004 Helldorado in Bern
09.12.2004 John Persen in Oslo
09.12.2004 Tuva Semmingsen in Copenhagen
09.12.2004 Satyricon in Dallas
09.12.2004 Bugge Wesseltoft’s New Conceptions of Jazz in Palermo
09.12.2004 Rolf Gupta conducts in Portsmouth, UK
09.12.2004 Silver in Milano
09.12.2004 Gluecifer German tour
09.12.2004 Gluecifer in Erfurt
10.12.2004 Helldorado in Lausanne
10.12.2004 Satyricon in Tulsa
10.12.2004 Bugge Wesseltoft’s New Conceptions of Jazz in Bari
10.12.2004 Rolf Gupta conducts in Exeter, UK
10.12.2004 Bjørn Torske in Vicenza
10.12.2004 Helge Kjekshus and Henning Kraggerud in Middlebury
10.12.2004 Gluecifer in Bremen
11.12.2004 Leif Ove Andsnes in Frankfurt
11.12.2004 Helldorado in Biel
11.12.2004 Tuva Semmingsen in Copenhagen
11.12.2004 Satyricon in St. Louis
11.12.2004 Brimstone in Stockholm
11.12.2004 Silver in Bologna
11.12.2004 Gluecifer in Frankfurt
12.12.2004 Vilde Frang in Idar-Oberstein, Germany
12.12.2004 Satyricon in Chicago
12.12.2004 World premiere by Skjelbred in Århus
12.12.2004 John Lindal in New York
12.12.2004 Helge Kjekshus and Henning Kraggerud in Washington DC
12.12.2004 Gluecifer in Bochum
13.12.2004 Satyricon in Detroit
13.12.2004 Bugge Wesseltoft’s New Conceptions of Jazz in Bolzano
13.12.2004 Gluecifer in Dortmund
14.12.2004 Helldorado in Cologne
14.12.2004 Tuva Semmingsen in Copenhagen
14.12.2004 Gluecifer in Dortmund
15.12.2004 Helldorado in Berlin
15.12.2004 Satyricon in New York
16.12.2004 Tuva Semmingsen in Copenhagen
16.12.2004 Camaros in Stockholm
16.12.2004 Satyricon in Worcester
16.12.2004 Karin Park in Leksand, Sweden
17.12.2004 Satyricon in Philadelphia
17.12.2004 Sven Lyder Kahrs in Paris
17.12.2004 Karin Park in Sälen, Sweden
18.12.2004 Turbonegro in San Francisco
18.12.2004 Tuva Semmingsen in Copenhagen
18.12.2004 Satyricon in Springfield
19.12.2004 Turbonegro in Los Angeles
20.12.2004 Turbonegro in Los Angeles
26.12.2004 Norwegian folk music in Sablé sur Sarthe, France
29.12.2004 Tuva Semmingsen tour in Denmark
29.12.2004 Helge Kjekshus and Henning Kraggerud in Schloss Elmau
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