Tord Gustavsen Trio i USA

"The Tord Gustavsen Trio displays a striking soundscape of spacious Nordic–Caribbean–bluesy character, employing original compositions by Tord Gustavsen. This is music that sings, at once gentle and robust. The songs Gustavsen writes sound like standards-in-the-making: lyrical, immediately memorable songs, songs of an appealing freshness, yet sophisticated in their involvement with the melodic line.It demonstrates that quietness, reflective moods and minimalism are not opposite to sheer sensuality and groove."Gustavsen's music is .. fresh, intuitive and heartfelt" - BBC JAZZ

When/ Where:
Wednesday, November 19, Washington DC, Kennedy Center, Millenium Stage
Thursday, November 20, Baltimore, MD, Live At AnDie Music (tad)
Saturday 22, Columbus, OH, Werner Center
Info: , tickets through

19.11.2003 - 22.11.2003


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