Christian Wallumrød, Garth Knox og Karl Seglem i London

The unlikely combination of harmonium, viola d’amore, goat horns and spoken poetry creates the basis for one of the Conexions series most unconventional but also highly anticipated concerts as keyboard player and composer Christian Wallumrød teams up with UK viola player Garth Knox and Norwegian saxophonist and poet Karl Seglem. 

Keyboard player and composer Christian Wallumrød and viola and viola d’amore player Garth Knox had never met until they were asked to play in Conexions. They both inhabit the worlds of contemporary classical, experimental, improvisation, jazz and traditional, and played together for the first time for Fiona Talkington’s “Late Junction” show on BBC Radio 3 in November 2011 when Christian’s Ensemble was touring the UK. Now Christian and Garth meet as a duo. Joining them as guest is a figure well known in jazz circles in Norway and abroad, but chosen tonight in particular for his gift as a poet. “I remember when Karl gave me his first book of poems,” says curator Fiona Talkington “and sitting very early in the morning at Kristiansand airport while the rain poured down outside. Karl’s evocative words were a real connection with the landscape and, in themselves, the words made their own music.”


St Lukes, London, England, UK

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