Numusic - West Coast festival of Numusic 2003

Norways largest electronic music festival. 3 venues, 6 stages, 30 live acts, 20 dj's + much much more ! + west coast festival of nuart, competitions, debates, underground cinema, food, café and outdoor areas. West Coast festival of Numusic Norway's largest festival dedicated to the advancement of Electronic Music and Art is now moving into it's fourth year and has increased to over 30 live acts and 20 dj's from last years 17 and 10 respectively . Now with a dedicated festival arena of three stages this is sure to be the best numusic event yet. Set up as an antidote to the over commercialised summer festivals and to celebrate the unique production sound of Norway's dance and electronic music scene. Numusic has been host to every major underground Norwegian act of note. From Royksöpp to Biosphere and all in-between. The Norwegian acts are supplemented each year by one or two international artists & labels that reflect the diverse nature of electronic music. not necessarily the most popular acts but definitely some of the most influential, tis year we put together a very special showcase from the UK's Warp label featuring our first American guest Richard Devine who's 3 and 4 laptop combination sets are setting the club scene alight. This year Numusic continues with it's ongoing search for quality underground electronic music and presents it's finds over four nights in several cutting edge venues, we hope you enjoy the results !

25.09.2003 - 28.09.2003

Stavanger, Rogaland

Numusic Productions

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