Sonic Slam Chorus in Gaborone, Botswana

This kaleidoscope of sound offers a dynamic fusion of electro-acoustic soundscapes, jazz and spoken word. Featuring at its core internationally acclaimed slam poets Dikson (Zim/UK) and TJ Dema (Bots), world class Norwegian composer and vocalist Cecilie Giskemo, fellow Norwegian guitar maestro Asbjoern Lerheim and young Zimbabwean saxophonist Vimbai Gabriel Mukarati the show promises to light up any stage with a melting pot of global talent. The concept, that was born in January 2011, came to life on the HIFA Global Stage 3 months later to critical acclaim:

"In this sometimes pressurised city we live in, when the sordidness of the mundane everyday, strives to turn your mind to dust, Sonic Slam Chorus storms in full blast blowing away the cobwebs that threaten to settle. The best way to describe this talented ensemble is perhaps as, an intense romance. The visual they present, from the stage set up, down to the wardrobe all works to sustain this image of the romantic, not to mention the words spoken, whose content and emotion run so deep, you are forced to evaluate yourself. A piece of your past comes into full display in your mind and you reflect on the days where innocence was second nature and not a daily sacrifice. " - HIFA Press Release after the opening show at the festival


Maitisong, Gaborone, Botswana

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