Music Norway signs deal with backline rental company

Music Norway has signed a deal with Backline Rental Service Germany (BRS), which ensures Norwegian artists a discount of 40-50 % on rentals in Germany.

After receiving great feedback on our backline deal in the UK, we are happy to have closed a similar deal in Germany on behalf of Norwegian touring musicians.

The deal ensures Norwegian acts a discount of 40 to 50 percent (excl. transportation costs), depending on factors like the time span of the tour. Backline Rental Service (BRS) offers a wide range of equipment and instruments. See their See their Equipment list here. BRS also has close contact to other backline rental companies, should the desired equipment not be in stock.

The company:

BRS Backline Rental and Production service has been successfully active with renting of professional music instruments in Germany and Europe since 1990. They look after single shows and tours, as well as festival appearances by famous artists. BRS has a client list with various TV shows, such as the Echo Award, Chiemsee Reggae Festival, Hurricane Festival, Hulstfred Festival Sweden, Reeperbahn Festival, Eurovision, German Radio Award, German Television Award, etc.

List of references

NB: It is important that you contact Music Norway’s Berlin office if you would like to take advantage of this offer. Please contact us at with subject heading Backline Rental Germany for more information.

About BRS:

Backline Rental Service
c/o René Thomsen
Sattlerstrasse 28
D-30916 Isernhagen

Phone: + 49 (0) 5136 - 970 60 30
Fax: + 49 (0) 5136 - 972 40 80
E-Mail: info [ at ]

Business Hours:
(Weekdays 9-5. Weekends according to agreement )
Mobile + 49 (0) 152 – 216 22 393

Music Export Norway also has hotel deals in Germany. Read about this here.

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