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A-Ha, OSLO, Norway
A-pressen Oslo-redaksjonen, OSLO, Norway
A-pressen Digitale Medier, OSLO, Norway
A-Team, OSLO, Norway
A Cappellissimo, TRONDHEIM, Norway
A Corda, DRAMMEN, Norway
A6 Management, OSLO, Norway
AB Musikk & Produksjon, OSLO, Norway
AB Produksjoner, STAVANGER, Norway
AB Records, LAKSEVÅG, Norway
Ab und Zu, OSLO, Norway
ABC Booking ANS, OSLO, Norway
ABC Media AS, OSLO, Norway
ABC Startsiden, OSLO, Norway
Aberdean, MOSS, Norway
Abnormal, MOSS, Norway
Abnormal, OSLO, Norway
Abòn Records & Studio, RAUFOSS, Norway
Abra Kadavra, OSLO, Norway
Absent, OSLO, Norway
Abusers, The, HARESTUA, Norway
AC - Art Consult, SON, Norway
Academic Choral Society, OSLO, Norway
Access All Areas, SE-STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Acelsia, OSLO, Norway
Acem Radio Musikkredaksjonen, OSLO, Norway
Acid Dønk, OSLO, Norway
Acousdig Musikkdistribusjon, SANDNES, Norway
Acoustic Records, BERGEN, Norway
Acoustical Society of Norway, OSLO, Norway
Acoustify, BERGEN, Norway
ACT, D-80453 MÜNCHEN, Germany
Active Booking & Management DA, GAMLE FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Act, The, Norway
Ad Musica, OSLO, Norway
AdamCain, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Adamseplene, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Adeaforon, OSLO, Norway
Adjagas, Norway
ADM Entertainment, OSLO, Norway
Adresseavisen, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Adrian/Bjørnov, Norway
Adventure, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Advokat Petter Rysst, BERGEN, Norway
Advokatfirmaet Jessen & Bjelkemyr-Østvang AS, SKIEN, Norway
Advokatfirmaet NORDIA DA, OSLO, Norway
Advokatfirmaet Schjødt AS, OSLO, Norway
Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS, OSLO, Norway
Ad. Libitum A/S, OSLO, Norway
Aedena Cycle, Norway
AEP Norge AS, OSLO, Norway
Aeternus, BERGEN, Norway
Affinis Ensemble, OSLO, Norway
Afontibus DA, OSLO, Norway
Afrikan History Week - Norway, OSLO, Norway
Aftenlandet, BERGEN, Norway
Aftenposten, OSLO, Norway
After Eight, HAMAR, Norway
Aftermath Music, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Agder folkehøgskole, SØGNE, Norway
Agder Folkemusikkarkiv, RYSSTAD, Norway
Agder Studio AS, FEVIK, Norway
Agder Theatre, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Agder University College, The Conservatory of music, the library, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Agderposten, ARENDAL, Norway
Agence Consulaire de Norvège, PL-81 354 GDYNIA, Poland (Rep)
Agregat, OSLO, Norway
AHA!!, Norway
Ahead Impresario, BODØ, Norway
Ai Phoenix, BERGEN, Norway
Aide de l'Eglise Norvégienne, ML-BADALABOUGOU EST BAMAKO, Mali
AIM Music Productions, OSLO, Norway
Aire & Angels, OSLO, Norway
Akers Avis Groruddalen, OSLO, Norway
Akers Mic AS (KONKURS), OSLO, Norway
Akershus Amtstidene, DRØBAK, Norway
Akershus Fylkeskommune, Kulturetaten, OSLO, Norway
Akershus Ungdomsymfoniorkester AUSO, KJELLER, Norway
AKHI Records, MOSS, Norway
Akki & Hojo, OSLO, Norway
AKKS Bergen, BERGEN, Norway
AKKS Kristiansand, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
AKKS Norge, OSLO, Norway
AKKS Oslo, OSLO, Norway
AKKS Stavanger, STAVANGER, Norway
AKKS Trondheim, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Akorius, OSLO, Norway
Aksiom, OSLO, Norway
Aktiv Klassisk, OSLO, Norway
Aktiv Klassisk AS, OSLO, Norway
Akto Ensemblet, SLEPENDEN, Norway
Albatrosh, OSLO, Norway
Albatross, Norway
Albedo, OSLO, Norway
Albino Slug, OSLO, Norway
Aleksander Tansman 6th International Festival and Competition of Musical Personalities, Composer Competition, PL-LODZ, Poland (Rep)
Alexandria Quartet, The, BERGEN, Norway
Alf Klingenbergs legat, OSLO, Norway
Alfheim Live, TROMSØ, Norway
Alfred : fredsfestivalen, OSLO, Norway
Algorythms, KVELDE, Norway
Alien Breed, TRONDHEIM, Norway
All Ears, OSLO, Norway
All Friday, HALDEN, Norway
All Ice Records, LAKSEVÅG, Norway
Alle Tiders Duster, BERGEN, Norway
Alley Apple, Norway
Allfader, MO I RANA, Norway
Alligator Farm, BERGEN, Norway
Allison, ASKØY, Norway
Allmennforlaget, STAVANGER, Norway
Allstar Universe Management, Norway
Alo-festivalen, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Alog, TROMSØ, Norway
Alpaca Trio / Ensemble, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Alphabet City, OSLO, Norway
Alpine those myriads?, OSLO, Norway
Alsvartr, EIDSVOLL, Norway
Alta Soul & Blues Festival, ALTA, Norway
AM and the UV, TROMSØ, Norway
Amas Artist, TERTNES, Norway
Ambassade Royale de Norvege, PL-00 559 WARSZAWA, Poland
Ambassade Royale de Norvege, F-75008 PARIS, France
Ambassade Royale de Norvege, JO-AMMAN 11183, Jordan
Ambassade Royale de Norvege, B-1000 BRUXELLES, Belgium
Ambassade Royale de Norvege, RO-BUCURESTI, Romania
Ambassade Royale de Norvege, CI-ABIDJAN-01, Côte d'Ivoire (Rep)
Ambassade Royale de Norvege, EG-CAIRO, Egypt
Ambassade Royale de Norvege, TN-TUNIS, Tunisia
Ambassade Royale de Norvège, MA-RABAT, Morocco
Amber Booking, OSLO, Norway
Ambia Musik APS, DK-1150 KØBENHAVN, Denmark
Ambience-Collective of Norway, The, Norway
Ambrella Music Group AS, PORSGRUNN, Norway
Ambush, OSLO, Norway
American Suitcase, OSLO, Norway
Amethystium, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Ametri Strykekvartett, OSLO, Norway
Amigo Music Danmark APS, DK-2400 KØBENHAVN, Denmark
Amigo Musik Finland, FI-15100 LAHTI, Finland
Amnesia, TANA, Norway
Amok, LAKSEVÅG, Norway
Among Elves, KNAPSTAD, Norway
Amorada, OSLO, Norway
Amorpho, OSLO, Norway
Ampire Records, OSLO, Norway
Amsterdam Dance Event, NL-1200 AX  HILVERSUM, Netherlands
Amtmandens døtre, OSLO, Norway
Amulet, OSLO, Norway
AMUN - African Musicians Union in Norway, OSLO, Norway
Amund Maarud Band, OSLO, Norway
Amundsen, Norway
Amusic, OSLO, Norway
Amy Sexton, STAVANGER, Norway
An Ananas, DRAMMEN, Norway
Anabasis, AU-KEW, VICTORIA 3101, Australia
Anal Babes, OSLO, Norway
Analimal, NORDKISA, Norway
Analogue Orchestra, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Analyze This, SANDVIKA, Norway
Anasthesia, Norway
Anax Imperator, OSLO, Norway
Anchi litt av hvert, BØ I TELEMARK, Norway
Ancient, Norway
And the lefthanded, FI-, Finland
Andalusian Conspiracy, HASLUM, Norway
Anders Jahres Kulturpris, SANDEFJORD, Norway
Anders Rykkja, OSLO, Norway
Anders Vinogg, OSLO, Norway
Ang Passang, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Angel Productions, OSLO, Norway
Angelfucker Productions & Management, OSLO, Norway
Angerman, ÅLGÅRD , Norway
Angie Hammer & The Nails, KRAGERØ, Norway
Angor Wat, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Angstkrieg, OSLO, Norway
Animal Alpha, OSLO, Norway
Animal Farm, Norway
Animal Voice Production, OSLO, Norway
AnJazz - Hamar Jazzfestival, HAMAR, Norway
Ann Braathen Artist Management AB, SE-117 35 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Anne Gaathaug Produksjon, OSLO, Norway
Anne Kristin BAND, BARDU, Norway
Anne & Finn, MÅLSELV, Norway
Anomalie Records, OSLO, Norway
Anstalt, OSLO, Norway
Anthurium, ANDØYA, Norway
Anton Ruud i Terapi, OSLO, Norway
Antonius, FØRDE, Norway
Antoniusfestivalen, FØRDE, Norway
Apache Records - Publishing - Productions, NAMSOS, Norway
Apartment Records, OSLO, Norway
Aperture, BEKKESTUA, Norway
Apes&Babes, TRONDHEIM, Norway
APO - Artist & Program Organisasjon A/S, OSLO, Norway
Apocalypse Dudes, DRAMMEN, Norway
Apoptygma Berzerk, OSLO, Norway
Apostasy, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Apriori AS lyd og video, OSLO, Norway
Aquarius, STABEKK, Norway
Arabesk AS, OSLO, Norway
Arachnida, OSLO, Norway
Arbeidern, KABELVÅG, Norway
Arbeidslaget hass K. Vømmølbakken, Norway
Arcane Art, STAVANGER, Norway
Arch Nemesis, KODAL, Norway
Arctandria, Norway
Arctic Brass, STRAUMEN, Norway
Arctic Circle Entertainment, MO I RANA, Norway
Arctic Cowboys, ASKVOLL, Norway
Arctic Dance DA, BODØ, Norway
Arctic Music, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Arctic Records, DRAMMEN, Norway
Arctic Records, BODØ, Norway
Arctic Sound DA, OSLO, Norway
Arctic Trombone & Lowbrass Festival, TROMSØ, Norway
Arctica, TROMSØ, Norway
Arcturus, Norway
Arena Produksjon, NESØYA, Norway
Arena247, TØNSBERG, Norway
Arendal Grieg Festival, ARENDAL, Norway
Arendal Korfestival, ARENDAL, Norway
Arios, ALTA, Norway
Aristocats, Norway
ARK, OSLO, Norway
Arktisk Media AS, HONNINGSVÅG, Norway
ARM, OSLO, Norway
Arne Bjørndal's Folk Music Collection, Univ. of Bergen, BERGEN, Norway
Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers, MOSS, Norway
Arnold Langøien, OS I ØSTERDALEN, Norway
Arnsteins, FLATÅSEN, Norway
Aronnesrocken, ALTA, Norway
Aronsen Booking & Management, MANSTAD, Norway
Arrangement-Service, SEL, Norway
Art-O Music, ÅLESUND, Norway
Art and Chaos, BRØNNØYSUND, Norway
Art By Machinery, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Art on Earth, BERGEN, Norway
Art Pumpkin Productions, MAURA, Norway
ArtBeat Recording Studio, ÅLGÅRD, Norway
Artch, SARPSBORG, Norway
Artco AS, OSLO, Norway
Artefact Artists Management, OSLO, Norway
Artifact, STAVANGER, Norway
Artismight, BERGEN, Norway
Artist i Nord, BODØ, Norway
Artist Service, SANDNESSJØEN, Norway
Artistfarmen, OSLO, Norway
Artistguiden, STRØMMEN, Norway
Artistpartner AS, LYSAKER, Norway
Artistsekretariat Ulf Törnqvist, SE-113 31 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Artistsentralen, RANDABERG, Norway
ArtistSupport, BLOMMENHOLM, Norway
Artpro AS, OSLO, Norway
Arts Council Norway, OSLO, Norway
Arts & Business, Norway, OSLO, Norway
Artsofchange-Norway, OSLO, Norway
Arve Hjalmars, Norway
Arvikafestivalen, SE-671 23 ARVIKA, Sweden
asamisimasa, OSLO, Norway
Aschehoug Forlag, OSLO, Norway
ASF - Aktive Studenters Forening, BERGEN, Norway
Asfalt, STAVANGER, Norway
Ashes to Ashes, OSLO, Norway
Asian Composers League Festival & Conference 8 - 16.02 2007, NZ-WELLINGTON, New Zealand
Ask Embla, GRIMSTAD, Norway
Ask Management, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Ask Management, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Asker Jazzfestival, ASKER, Norway
AskerLadden, ASKER, Norway
Askim Kulturhus AS, ASKIM, Norway
Askim Storband, Norway
Aslag, OSLO, Norway
Aspheim Oldtimers, OSLO, Norway
Aspherium, MOSS, Norway
Assessorato alla cultura, I-61043 CAGLI (PU), Italy
Association of Live music promoters Norway, OSLO, Norway
Association of Norwegian Children and Youth Church Choirs, LILLESAND, Norway
Association of Norwegian Choirmasters, Norway
Association of Norwegian Record Distributors, OSLO, Norway
Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras, OSLO, Norway
Association of Recording Artists, OSLO, Norway
Asstronaut, OSLO, Norway
Astatines, BÅTSFJORD, Norway
Astma, OSLO, Norway
Astralwerks Records, US-NY 10001, USA
Astrid M. Urbye, DRØBAK, Norway
Astroburger, OSLO, Norway
Astronaut ADRESSE UKJENT, Norway
At The Loft Records, OSLO, Norway
At the Show Festival, HALDEN, Norway
Atakama, BERGEN, Norway
Atelier Nord, OSLO, Norway
Athome Project, BERGEN, Norway
Atlanterhavsblues, KRISTIANSUND N, Norway
Atlanterhavsrock, AVERØY, Norway
Atlantic Studio, REVETAL, Norway
Atomic, OSLO, Norway
Atomic Agency, OSLO, Norway
Atomic Rubber Chickens, OSLO, Norway
Atomic Soul AS, OSLO, Norway
ATP Music, BERGEN, Norway
Atrox, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Attack, NAMSOS, Norway
Atterklang, OSLO, Norway
Audio Advancements, US-LINCOLN PARK, NJ 07035, USA
Audio Attic Production, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Audio Engineer Steven Jorgensen, DRAMMEN, Norway
Audio Engineering Society, Inc., US-NEW YORK, NY 10165-2520, USA
Audio Media Professional AS, OSLO, Norway
Audio Video, OSLO, Norway
Audiopain, ASKER, Norway
Audiophile Records Service, D-22 605 HAMBURG, Germany
Audiopol Live / Audiopol Studio, SKIEN, Norway
Audiorommet, OSLO, Norway
Audiovisjon Studio, KRÅKERØY, Norway
Audrey Horne, BERGEN, Norway
Audunbakkenfestivalen, SKARNES, Norway
Aunt Mary, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Aura Noir, OSLO, Norway
Aurora, BERGEN, Norway
Aurora Festival, KONGSVINGER, Norway
Aurora Plastic Monster, OSLO, Norway
Aurora / Hemera, OSLO, Norway
Aust-Agder Fylkeskommune, Kulturetat, ARENDAL, Norway
Aust-Agder musikkråd, ARENDAL, Norway
Austroconcert, AT-1010 WIEN, Austria
Autokarma, HAMAR, Norway
Autopulver, OSLO, Norway
AV-Kontakt, OSLO, Norway
Avalanche, Norway
Avalon Records, VINTERBRO, Norway
Avant Event AS, OSLO, Norway
Avant Magazine, England, UK
Avantgarde Music, I-20010 VANZAGO, Italy
Avgarde, BERGEN, Norway
Avisa Setesdølen, GRENDI, Norway
Avols, TØNSBERG, Norway
AVR Records, OSLO, Norway
A.C.T. Entertainment Group, TRONDHEIM, Norway
AA Music, GB-LONDON W1H 1DP, England, UK
Aaron Records, EGERSUND, Norway
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