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C'est Pourquoi, TØNSBERG, Norway
C-U! Publicity, OSLO, Norway
C & C, Norway
Cabadraget, NESTTUN, Norway
Cabin Recorders NUF, OSLO, Norway
Cacadou, NITTEDAL, Norway
Cadaver, Norway
Cadettes, The, OSLO, Norway
Cadillac, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Cadillac Distribution, GB-LONDON N1 9DF, England, UK
Cafe Ska, OSLO, Norway
Caledonia Jazzband, Norway
Caledonia Jazzband, OSLO, Norway
Caligvla's Sisters, ETNE, Norway
Camaros, HALDEN, Norway
Camelote, BERGEN, Norway
Camerata Vocale Molde, MOLDE, Norway
Camp Loco, Norway
Campground Recordings, BERGEN, Norway
Cam’N A-lee, OSLO, Norway
Can Can, Norway
Can Dance, Norway
Canadian Music Week, CA-MISSISAUGA, ON L5M 6G9, Canada
Canal Street: Arendal jazz og blues, KOLBJØRNSVIK, Norway
Candiss, Norway
Candlelight Records, GB-LONDON
W9-3QP, England, UK
Candlelight, USA, US-PA 19462, USA
Cantando Musikkforlag A/S, STAVANGER, Norway
Cantemus Chamber Chorus, STAVANGER, Norway
Canticum, OSLO, Norway
Cantus, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Cantus Studio, OSLO, Norway
Canzonettas, Norway
Cape, OSLO, Norway
Capella, Norway
Captain Credible, OSLO, Norway
Captain Democracy, OSLO, Norway
Captain & Me, The, OSLO, Norway
Carambole Group, OSLO, Norway
Carburetors, The, GJERDRUM, Norway
Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition, DK- 5000 ODENSE C, Denmark
Carma - Contemporary Art, Music and Dance, STAVANGER, Norway
Carnival, Norway
Carol Stewart Bluesband, Norway
Carpathian Forest, BRENNÅSEN, Norway
Carte Blanche, BERGEN, Norway
Carus Verlag, DE- 70 771 STUTTGARD, Germany
Casa dei Mezzo Music Festival, GR-72055 MAKRIGIALOS, Greece
Casa Murilo, OSLO, Norway
Casiokids, BERGEN, Norway
Casting Nordic, SARPSBORG, Norway
Cato Salsa Experience, OSLO, Norway
CBM Booking, STAVANGER, Norway
CC Cowboys, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
CCAP (Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions), STAVANGER, Norway
CCCP, Norway
CCTV, OSLO, Norway
CD Akademiet Oslo City, OSLO, Norway
CDA/Compact Distribution AB, S-102 63 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
CDON, OSLO, Norway
Cellolyd i Lofoten, SØRVÅGEN, Norway
Celsius Vinterfestival, SANDEFJORD, Norway
Centavo Media, OSLO, Norway
Center of the Universe, OSLO, Norway
Centre for Popular Music , OSLO, Norway
Centrevibe Productions, KRÅKERØY, Norway
Century Media, OSLO, Norway
Cerrato, Norway
Certificate 18, Norway
Chairs, The, STAVANGER, Norway
Chamber choir NOVA, OSLO, Norway
Chandos Records Ltd., GB-COLCHESTER, ESSEX CO2 8HQ, England, UK
Chant Movement, Norway
Charlie Mops, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Charlies Drugstore, OSLO, Norway
Charlotte & The Co-Stars, OSLO, Norway
Charmina, LYSAKER, Norway
Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag, OSLO, Norway
Chateau Neuf Storband, OSLO, Norway
Checkpoint Charlie, STAVANGER, Norway
Cheese Cake Truck, BERGEN, Norway
Cheezy Keys, OSLO, Norway
Cherubs, GB-, England, UK
Chester Music Limited, GB-LONDON W1T 3LJ, England, UK
ChewinPine Records, OSLO, Norway
Chiang Huat Co Pte Ltd., SG-SINGAPORE 162020, Singapore
CHICAS del Coro, Norway
Children and Corpse Playing in the Streets, OSLO, Norway
Chillinuts, OSLO, Norway
Chipahua, OSLO, Norway
Chixie Dicks, OSLO, Norway
Chocolate Overdose, BERGEN, Norway
Choral Magazine, OSLO, Norway
Chrisfestivalen, KJØLLEFJORD, Norway
Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, OSLO, Norway
Christiana 12, OSLO, Norway
Christiania Consort, OSLO, Norway
Christiania Fusel & Blaagress, OSLO, Norway
Christianssand Storband, Norway
Christianssand String Swing Ensemble, OSLO, Norway
Chrome Division, OSLO, Norway
Chrome Hill, OSLO, Norway
Chton, TRONDHEIM, Norway
ChuckMuffin, STRAUMSGREND, Norway
Cikada, OSLO, Norway
Cinnamoon, OSLO, Norway
Circle of four, BERGEN, Norway
Circles End, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
circle@circlemusic.no, BEKKESTUA, Norway
Circular, BERGEN, Norway
Circular Recordings, DRAMMEN, Norway
Circulasione Totale / Frode Gjerstad Productions, STAVANGER, Norway
Circus Maximus, OSLO, Norway
Circus Records, GB-NW 6 5LF LONDON, England, UK
Cirkus Gilmour, Norway
Cirkus Modern, OSLO, Norway
Cissokho System, Norway
City Connections, OSLO, Norway
City Slang, DE-, Germany
City Slangzine DA, OSLO, Norway
City Sound, S-413 01 GÖTEBORG, Sweden
Clarion Call, LEVANGER, Norway
Claudia/Big Hand/Casino, Norway
Clausen & Stakset, Norway
Clawfinger, SE-, Sweden
Clean Cut Records, OSLO, Norway
Clearpass Records, ROGNAN, Norway
Cloroform, OSLO, Norway
Close Erase, LOMMEDALEN, Norway
Close Talker, OSLO, Norway
Clown, BERGEN, Norway
Club Grotesque, Norway
Club Maiden, OSLO, Norway
Clubfest, BODØ, Norway
Clubstrophia, OSLO, Norway
Cluster, LARVIK, Norway
Clæt Café, Norway
CMJ Music Marathon, NEW YORK, NY 10001 , USA
CO3OLT, OSLO, Norway
COAX, Norway
Cobolt 60, Norway
Cobra Kai, OSLO, Norway
Cockroach Clan, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Cocktail Slippers, OSLO, Norway
Coco Pelli Records, ÅRNES, Norway
CODA contemporary dance festival, OSLO, Norway
Codaex Norway AS, SARPSBORG, Norway
Codstock, HENNINGSVÆR, Norway
Coins Culture AS, OSLO, Norway
Coins Network AS, OSLO, Norway
Cold Mailman, OSLO, Norway
Cold Paris Audio, KVALØYSLETTA, Norway
College University of Hedmark, RENA, Norway
Colors Turned Red, The, Norway
Colón Konsulat: Real Consulado de Noruega, PA-CHRISTOBAL, Panama (Rep)
Columbi Egg Folkemusik-klubb, BERGEN, Norway
Come Sunday, Norway
Compagniet, SORTLAND, Norway
Complete, SOFIEMYR, Norway
Complete Agency, OSLO, Norway
Computorgirl, OSLO, Norway
Con Amore, JAR, Norway
Con Anima, Norway
Con Brio, BODØ, Norway
Con Spirito, OSLO, Norway
Concentus Women’s Choir, SANDNES, Norway
Conception, Norway
Concerts Norway, OSLO, Norway
Concéil Norvégien du Commerce Commerce Extérieur, F-75008 PARIS, France
Conclave & Earshot studios, BERGEN, Norway
Concordia Culture Ellingsrud, OSLO, Norway
Concorso Pianistico Internazionale Ettore Pozzoli, IT-20038 SEREGNO (MILANO), Italy
Concours europeen de choeurs et maîtrises - VII, FR-80011 AMIENS CEDEX 01, France
Concrete Sound Management, STAVANGER, Norway
Cone, FLATDAL, Norway
Conetik, OSLO, Norway
Conrad Sound, OSLO, Norway
Consejo Noruego de Comercio Exterior, E-28016 MADRID, Spain
Conselho Noruegues de Comérico Exterior, BR-CEP. 22 210 RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil
Conselho Noruegues do Comércio Externo, P-1400 LISBOA, Portugal
Consolation, LØRENSKOG, Norway
Consortium Vocale, OSLO, Norway
Consulado Real da Noruega, BR-30210 BELO HORIZONTE MG, Brazil
Consulado Real da Noruega, BR-69000 MANAUS AM, Brazil
Consulado Real da Noruega, BR-60000 FORTALEZA CE, Brazil
Consulado Real da Noruega, BR-83200 PARANAGUA PR, Brazil
Consulado Real da Noruega, BR-90000 000 PORTO ALEGRE RS, Brazil
Consulado Real da Noruega, BR-66000 BELEM PA, Brazil
Consulado Real da Noruega, BR-40010-020 BAHIA, Brazil
Consulado Real da Noruega, BR-11001 SANTOS SP, Brazil
Consulat General Royal de Norvege, RM-ANTANANARIVO 101, Madagascar
Consulat General Royal de Norvège, EG-21 131 ALEXANDRIA, Egypt
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, TR-ISTANBUL, Turkey
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, CG-BRAZZAVILLE, Congo (Rep)
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, GN-CONAKRY, Guinea
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, GA-LIBREVILLE, Gabon
Consulat Général Royal De Norvège, TG-LOME, Togo
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, F-76055 LE HAVRE CEDEX, France
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, MC-98000 MONACO, Monaco
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, F-67000 STRASBOURG-PORT-DU-RHIN, France
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, RH-PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, CH-1211 GENEVE 6, Switzerland
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège Scandinavian Shipchandlers S.A., MA-CASABLANCA 01, Morocco
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège c/o Ambassade de Suède, CD-KINSHASA 1 / GOMBE, Democratic Rep of Congo
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, CM-DOUALA, Cameroon
Consulat Général Royal de Norvège, BJ-COTONOU, Benin
Consulat Royal de Norège, CH-1027 LONAY/VD., Switzerland
Consulat Royal de Norvège, TR-ISKENDERUN, Turkey
Consulat Royal de Norvège c/o Entreprises Maritimes, F-76200 DIEPPE, France
Consulat Royal de Norvège, L-3201 BETTEMBOURG, Luxembourg
Consulat Royal de Norvège, CM-YAOUNDÉ, Cameroon
Consulat Royal de Norvège, F-50652 CHERBOURG CEDEX, France
Consulat Royal de Norvège, F-59375 DUNKERQUE CEDEX 1, France
Consulat Royal de Norvège, F-35409 ST. MALO CEDEX, France
Consulat Royal de Norvège, TR-IZMIR, Turkey
Consulat Royal de Norvège, RE-97 420 LE PORT, Réunion
Consulat Royal de Norvège, F-76021 ROUEN CEDEX, France
Consulat Royal de Norvège, F-29283 BREST CEDEX, France
Consulat Royal de Norvège, MA-TANGER, Morocco
Consulat Royal de Norvège, B-4040 HERSTAL-LIEGE, Belgium
Consulat Royal de Norvège, F-64107 BAYONNE CEDEX, France
Consulat Royal de Norvège, PF-PAPEETE TAHITI, French Polynesia
Consulate General of Norway, CN-SHANGHAI 200002, China (People's Rep)
Container, OSLO, Norway
Contenders, The, FLISA, Norway
Continental Artist Management AS, OSLO, Norway
Contrazt Media, OSLO, Norway
Convivium, Norway
Cool Cats, The, Norway
Cool Opera - The International Progressive Opera Festival in Norway, STAVANGER, Norway
Cooly Horn, BERGEN, Norway
Coop Prisen, OSLO, Norway
Copenhagen Artists, Denmark
Coral Ring Records, OSLO, Norway
Corazón, HALDEN, Norway
Corbin, OSLO, Norway
Cordion, TROMSØ, Norway
Core, The, Norway
Corndogs, The, OSLO, Norway
Cornerman Records, OSLO, Norway
Cornflakes, The, HALDEN, Norway
Cortez, Norway
Cortina, OSLO, Norway
Corvine, BERGEN, Norway
Cosmic Dropouts, The, MOSS, Norway
Cosmic Wind Cultural Collaborations, STABEKK, Norway
Cosmopolite, OSLO, Norway
Cosmos Music Norway AS, OSLO, Norway
Costar, BERGEN, Norway
Country Festivalen i Skjåk, SKJÅK, Norway
Country Festivalen Seljord, SKJÅK, Norway
Country og Westernfestivalen, HAUGE I DALANE, Norway
Country Snakes, Norway
Country Team, Norway
CountryArtists International as, FROLAND, Norway
Countryfestivalen Vinstra, VINSTRA, Norway
Covergirls, OSLO, Norway
Coydog, OSLO, Norway
Cracklab Records, OSLO, Norway
Cracklab Records, OSLO, Norway
Crash, BERGEN, Norway
Crashville, ØRSTA, Norway
Craven, OSLO, Norway
Crazy Music, OSLO, Norway
Creation, Norway
Credo, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Credo, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Crescent Moon, INDERØY, Norway
Crest, OSLO, Norway
Crest of Darkness, HUNNDALEN, Norway
Cricket Club, Norway
Crispinglover Records, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Criterion, Norway
Critics' Association for Theatre, Music and Ballet, OSLO, Norway
Cross Lydstudio, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Crowhead, SARPSBORG, Norway
Crowtown, KRÅKSTAD, Norway
Cruisin' Records, OSLO, Norway
Crypt, The, KRÅKERØY, Norway
Cuban Connection, OSLO, Norway
Cucumber, Norway
Cue To Recall, LØVENSTAD, Norway
CueProductions, OSLO, Norway
Cultiva, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Cumshots, The, OSLO, Norway
Cumulus Nordic, OSLO, Norway
Cups, Norway
Curb, BERGEN, Norway
Curling Legs Productions, OSLO, Norway
Current, ES-30100 ESPINARDO, Spain
Current, OSLO, Norway
Currentes, BERGEN, Norway
Cushion, BERGEN, Norway
Cut'n Paste, OSLO, Norway
Cutting Edge, OSLO, Norway
Cut, The, OSLO, Norway
Cybele, OSLO, Norway
Cæciliaforeningen, Norway
C+C Records / Frode Records, OSLO, Norway
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