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This directory features links, addresses and other relevant information on Norwegian artists, musicians, composers, bands, orchestras, companies and organizations - even historical data. The database contains more than 14000 entries.


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G-streng, KONGSVINGER, Norway
g-strengen, ANDENES, Norway
Gabriel Media ANS, OSLO, Norway
Gadarene Wine, OSLO, Norway
GaffaSquad Production AS, KRISTIANSAND, Norway
Galant Records, BERGEN, Norway
Galaxee, Norway
Galleriet Studenthus, HARSTAD, Norway
Gallery, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Gamla, OSLO, Norway
Gamle Fredrikstad Kulturforum AS, GAMLE FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Gamle Logen, OSLO, Norway
Gamle Ormelet, TJØME, Norway
Gamle Oslo Kro- og Kirkekor, OSLO, Norway
Gamlebyen Kantori, Norway
Gamlebyen Skole, OSLO, Norway
Gammalgrass, Norway
Garage, BERGEN, Norway
Garage Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Garagefestival, FJELLSTRAND, Norway
Garden of Delight, OSLO, Norway
Garness, BERGEN, Norway
Garralda Records, OSLO, Norway
Gartnerlosjen, OSLO, Norway
Gatas Parlament, OSLO, Norway
Gate9, HORTEN, Norway
Gatecrashers, OSLO, Norway
Gauldal Folkehøyskole, GIMSE, Norway
Gazpacho, OSLO, Norway
GBM Artist, OSLO, Norway
Geckords, BERGEN, Norway
Gehenna, Norway
Gehrmans Musikforlag, S-126 12 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Geir Lysne Listening Ensemble, HVALSTAD, Norway
Geir Stenersen & Herrelaus Hund, TROMSØ, Norway
Geirr Dippner Entertainment as, KRAGERØ, Norway
Geitungen, SANDNES, Norway
Gemini Records AS, VETTRE, Norway
Genc Records, TILLER, Norway
Geniale Griser, OSLO, Norway
Gentle Killings, OSLO, Norway
Gentle music DA, TYSSEDAL, Norway
Georg Reiss, OSLO, Norway
Gerhard Mork, OSLO, Norway
Gerilja, OSLO, Norway
Getaway People, The, STAVANGER, Norway
Ghostriders, The, HALDEN, Norway
GHR Studios, OSLO, Norway
Gilgamesh, OSLO, Norway
Gipsy Tunes, NYBORG, Norway
Giraffa Records, Norway
Girl From Saskatoon, OSLO, Norway
Girlsquad Management, OSLO, Norway
Girlsville, OSLO, Norway
Girls, The, Norway
Gisli, Norway
Gitarkameratene, Norway
Gjennomslag, BERGEN, Norway
Gjerstad Funk- og fiskarlag, OSLO, Norway
Gjerstad Rock Festival, ANDEBU, Norway
Gjertruds Gypsy Orchestra, GVARV, Norway
Gjøa Studio, BERGEN, Norway
Gjøvik Bykorps, GJØVIK, Norway
Gjøvik String Quartet, GJØVIK, Norway
Glade Arts, NESODDTANGEN, Norway
Glade Maidager, DRAMMEN, Norway
Glamfish productions, OSLO, Norway
Glastonbury Festival, GB-SOMERSET BA6 9JJ, England, UK
Gleng Music Festival, SARPSBORG, Norway
Glima, SELJORD, Norway
Glissando Vokalensemble, BERGEN , Norway
Glitterhouse Records, DE-37688, Germany
Glommafestivalen, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Gloppen Music Festival, SANDANE, Norway
Glopperock Festivalen, SANDANE, Norway
Glorification, HALDEN, Norway
Gluecifer, OSLO, Norway
Gluntan, TRONDHEIM, Norway
GMA booking & management, LOM, Norway
GMR Music Group, OSLO, Norway
GNEIS Chamber Choir, BØNES, Norway
Go-Go Gorilla, OSLO, Norway
Go North, GB-INVERNESS IV2 1LU, Scotland, UK
God Seed, BERGEN, Norway
Godsize, OSLO, Norway
Godt-selskap AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Goethe-Institut Oslo (Tysk Kultursenter), OSLO, Norway
Gogofoundation, BERGEN, Norway
gogoyoko, IS-108 REYKJAVIK, Iceland
Goin' Ape, NORDBY, Norway
Gol Bibliotek Musikkavdelingen, GOL, Norway
Gold Disc Recording, GB-CARDIFF, Wales, UK
Golden Management, HALDEN, Norway
GoldheadMusic / Nextstop Distribution, OSLO, Norway
Goldstar Music AS, OSLO, Norway
Gone At Last, Norway
Gonzo, OSLO, Norway
Goo Men, OSLO, Norway
Good Time Charlie, FØRDE, Norway
Goodshit Radio, OSLO, Norway
Gorgoroth, BERGEN, Norway
GorillaFilm, OSLO, Norway
Gotham Nights, OSLO, Norway
Gothminister, OSLO, Norway
GP Records, HEMNES, Norway
Grace, Norway
Grammar, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Grammofon AB BIS, S-182 64 DJURSHOLM, Sweden
Grammofon AS, NOTODDEN, Norway
Granat AS, BERGEN, Norway
Grand Instrumenter, ÅLESUND, Norway
Grand Island, OSLO, Norway
Grand Slam Happy Time Records, OSLO, Norway
Grandma Management, OSLO, Norway
Grandmas Funkyard, OSLO, Norway
Grandpeople, BERGEN, Norway
Grandsport Records, OSLO, Norway
Grand, The, OSLO, Norway
Granittrock, OSLO, Norway
Grappa Records AS, OSLO, Norway
Grasrot Festivalen, BERGEN, Norway
Graves, MOSS, Norway
GRB Kompetanse, HARSTAD, Norway
Green Carnation, BRENNÅSEN, Norway
Green Club Riviera, Norway
Green Cortinas, DRAMMEN, Norway
Green Garden Gathering, SKIEN, Norway
Green Records, MANGER, Norway
Greener Productions, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Greenhouse, Norway
Greenland Whalefishers, BERGEN, Norway
Grenland Brass Festival, PORSGRUNN, Norway
Gressvig Sommerweekend, GRESSVIK, Norway
Grete Bogen and the Bootlegs, LUNDAMO, Norway
Grex Vocalis Chamberchoir, OSLO, Norway
Grey Stone Event AS, BERGEN, Norway
Grieg Hall, BERGEN, Norway
Grieg International Choir Festival, BERGEN, Norway
Grieg Trio, DE-59320 ENNIGERLOH-OSTENFELDE, Germany
Grievance, Norway
Griffin, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Grimfist, OSLO, Norway
Gritzner, Norway
Grong Musikkproduksjon, SKIEN, Norway
Groove Music AS, LYSAKER, Norway
Groovearbeiderne, OSLO, Norway
Groovecentral Recordings, OSLO / KRISTIANSAND, Norway
GrooveYard, OSLO, Norway
Groove.no, OSLO, Norway
Grus, Norway
Grusomhetens Teater, OSLO, Norway
Grünerløkka Lufthavn, OSLO, Norway
Gryphon Records, HOLMESTRAND, Norway
Grønland Kammermusikkfestival, OSLO, Norway
GSS, OSLO, Norway
GT Music Booking, HØNEFOSS, Norway
Guano Recordings, GRAVDAL, Norway
Guardians Of Time, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Gubemusic.com AS, OSLO, Norway
Gudbrandsdalen Blues Festival, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Guito, HORTEN, Norway
Gullimunn Tekstforlag, FREI, Norway
Gunder Grammofon, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Gunnar Sævigs minnefond, BERGEN, Norway
Gunpowder Entertainment Group, OSLO, Norway
Gus Panser, STJØRDAL, Norway
Gweilo, NANNESTAD, Norway
Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, OSLO, Norway
Gynt Publishing, TILLER, Norway
Göteborg Art Sounds - GAS, SE-405 30 GÖTEBORG, Sweden
Gøy på landet, NYKIRKE, Norway
Gaahlskagg, SUNNFJORD, Norway
G.H Main ecords, PORSGRUNN, Norway
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