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This directory features links, addresses and other relevant information on Norwegian artists, musicians, composers, bands, orchestras, companies and organizations - even historical data. The database contains more than 14000 entries.


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I, Norway
I Was A King, EGERSUND, Norway
IACS, FR- 95 120 ERMONT, France
IAMIC - International Association of Music Information Centres, BE-1000 BRUSSEL, Belgium
IASA Norway, STAVANGER, Norway
Iboks, VADSØ, Norway
Ibsen Studio Distribusjon, MOLDE, Norway
Ibsen Year 2006, OSLO, Norway
Ibsenhuset A/S, SKIEN, Norway
Ice, Norway
Ice Cold Records ANS, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Icebound AudioLab Productions, OSLO, Norway
Iceland Airwaves, IS-121 REYKJAVIK, Iceland
IceMusic Festival, GEILO, Norway
Icon Music Mag, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Icon Of Coil, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Idun & Arne Duo, DRØBAK, Norway
IFPI Norway, OSLO, Norway
igjon@start.no, SKIEN, Norway
Igloo management AS, OSLO, Norway
Il Ceasar, Norway
Ila Auto, OSLO, Norway
Ila Brass Band, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Ila Ungdomskorps, Norway
ILIOS - Festival for Samtidsmusikk, SORTLAND, Norway
Illumination, Norway
ILMC - International Live Music Conference, GB-LONDON NW1 9PH, England, UK
Imbalance, OSLO, Norway
Imerslund Musikk A/S, OSLO, Norway
IMG Artists Europe, GB-LONDON W4 5RX, England, UK
IMI Forum, STAVANGER, Norway
Immortal, OS/BERGEN, Norway
Implosion, Norway
Impossible Records, OSLO, Norway
Impresario AS, OSLO, Norway
Imprint Bookings and Management Ltd., GB-LONDON N1 9LG, England, UK
IMPRO Agency, GB-LONDON N1 8QH, England, UK
Impulse Art Management, NL-1001 MK AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
IN Confesso, BERGEN, Norway
In Cursed Obsession, STAVANGER, Norway
In Step Artist, HOLMESTRAND, Norway
In The Bag Productions AS, OSLO, Norway
In The City, GB-MANCHESTER, M3 7BB, England, UK
In The Country, OSLO, Norway
In Your Face Richard Johnsen Produksjoner, OSLO, Norway
Indianer, OSLO, Norway
Indie 360 AS, OPPEGÅRD, Norway
Indie Distribution AS, OSLO, Norway
Indie Recordings, OSLO, Norway
Indigo Musikproduktion + Vertrieb GmbH, DE-HAMBURG, Germany
Indre Sunnfjord Spelemannslag, Norway
Indre Aamøen Dixietrain, STAVANGER, Norway
Infernal Manes, SUNNFJORD, Norway
Inferno Festival, OSLO, Norway
INFI - International Network for Female Instrumentalists, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Infidels Forever, LANGHUS, Norway
Infiniteloop, OSLO, Norway
Infinity, OSLO, Norway
Infoblogg.no, OSLO, Norway
Information, Norway
Inga Juuso Group, Norway
Ingebretsen's Gifts, US-MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55407, USA
Ingemars, Norway
Ingenting, SANDNES, Norway
Ingerid, Synnøve og Elias Fegerstens stiftelse til fordel for norske komponister og utøvende kunstnere, OSLO, Norway
Inglow, SLEPENDEN, Norway
Ingpen & Williams Ltd, GB-LONDON SW15 2PA, England, UK
Inner Ear, BODØ, Norway
Innovasjon Norge Danmark, DK-1256 KØBENHAVN K, Denmark
Innovasjon Norge Italia, IT-20121 MILANO, Italy
Innovation Norway, OSLO, Norway
Innovation Norway - Santiago, CL-SANTIAGO, Chile
Innovation Norway Beijing, CN-BEIJING 100600, China (People's Rep)
Innovation Norway Boston, US-BOSTON MA 02110, USA
Innovation Norway Brazil, BR-22290-160, RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil
Innovation Norway Canada, CA-ONTARIO M4W 3E2, Canada
Innovation Norway Dublin, IE-DUBLIN 4, Ireland
Innovation Norway Estland, Latvia og Litauen, EE-15054 TALLINN, Estonia
Innovation Norway Finland, FI-00100 HELSINKI, Finland
Innovation Norway Germany, DE-20433 HAMBURG, Germany
Innovation Norway Hanoi, VN-HANOI, Viet Nam
Innovation Norway Houston, US-HOUSTON, TX 77019, USA
Innovation Norway Istanbul Office, TR-1. LEVENT, 34340 ISTANBUL, Turkey
Innovation Norway Korea, KR-SEOUL 110-061, Korea (Rep)
Innovation Norway London, GB-LONDON SW1Y 4LR , England, UK
Innovation Norway Malaysia, MY-50710, KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia
Innovation Norway Moscow, RU-MOSCOW 119049, Russian Federation
Innovation Norway Murmansk, RU-MURMANSK 183038, Russian Federation
Innovation Norway Nederland, NL-2513 AC DEN HAAG, Netherlands
Innovation Norway New York, US-NEW YORK NY 10017-9111, USA
Innovation Norway Paris, FR-75366 PARIS, France
Innovation Norway Polen, PL-00-805 WARSAW, Poland
Innovation Norway San Francisco, US-SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94111-4833, USA
Innovation Norway Shanghai, CN-SHANGHAI 200002, China (People's Rep)
Innovation Norway Singapore, SG-SINGAPORE 048581, Singapore
Innovation Norway South Africa, ZA-SANDTON, SOUTH AFRICA, 2146, South Africa
Innovation Norway Spania, ES-28046 MADRID, Spain
Innovation Norway Thailand, TH-BANGKOK 10330, Thailand
Innovation Norway United Arab Emirates, AE-DUBAI, UAE, United Arab Emirates
Innovation Norway Washington, US-20008 WASHINGTON, D.C., USA
Innovation Norway / Norwegian trade council Sweden, SE-103 67 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Innovation Norway – Bucharest office, RO-011832 BUCHAREST, Romania
Innovation Norway – Sofia Office, Bulgaria, BG-1000 SOFIA , Bulgaria
Innovation Norway India, IN-NEW DELHI 110 021, India
Innovation Norway St. Petersburg, RU-ST. PETERSBURG 193015, Russian Federation
Innovation Norway, Budapest office, HU-1399 BUDAPES, Hungary
Insense, OSLO, Norway
InsideOut Music, DE-47533 KLEVE, Germany
Insomnia Festival, TROMSØ, Norway
Insomnia Kulturproduksjoner, ESPA, Norway
Inspiritualization, HAUGESUND, Norway
Institute of Folk Culture, Telemark College, RAULAND, Norway
Intavolatura, VENNESLA, Norway
InterBooking, LØTEN, Norway
InterFocus, OSLO, Norway
InterMedia@Universitetet i Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Intermezzo Productions, HORTEN, Norway
Intermusic, DK-8240 RIJSKOV, Denmark
Internasjonal Kammermusikkfestival på Lindesnes, AT-5020 SALZBURG, Austria
International Blitz-Competition for Composers Homage to Mozart, RU-MOSKVA, Russian Federation
International Chamber Music Festival, STAVANGER, Norway
International Choral Biennale - juni 2007, NL-1200 AC, Netherlands
International Church Music Festival Kristiansand, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
International Competition for Young Composers "Horowitz", UA-01032, KIEV, Ukraine
International Edvard Grieg Piano Competition, PARADIS, Norway
International Gaudeamus Music Week, NL-1091 RV AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
International Ibsen Stage Festival, OSLO, Norway
International Tattoo Convention, STAVANGER, Norway
International Tussler Society, The, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD), DE-64285 DARMSTADT, Germany
Interregnum records, LAKSEVÅG, Norway
Inti Fusion, VETTRE, Norway
InTime managment, Norway
Intrigue, KARASJOK, Norway
Intro Music AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Inventive Media ANS, OSLO, Norway
Invisible Productions, SANDVIKA, Norway
Ipark AS, STAVANGER, Norway
Ipath Norway, OSLO, Norway
IPE Mundi Records, OSLO, Norway
Ipecac Recordings, US-ALAMEDA CA 94501, USA
IRD - International Record Distribution SpA, I-20132 MILANO, Italy
Irie Darlings, BODØ, Norway
Ironic Recordings, OSLO, Norway
Irr, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Isegranfestivalen, GRESSVIK, Norway
Isengard, OSLO, Norway
Isenkram, Norway
Isglem, Norway
Israelvis, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Issoleie Plateselskap, SANDANE, Norway
It's a Trap!, USA
iTunes, 1720 LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg
Ivars Musikk AS, TROMSØ, Norway
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