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J-KT Records, KOPERVIK, Norway
Jack In The Box, Norway
Jackie Moonshine, TROMSØ, Norway
Jackman, STAVANGER, Norway
Jaded, LANGHUS, Norway
Jaga Jazzist, Norway
Jah Ark Manifest, OSLO, Norway
Jailon Limited, GB-, England, UK
Jake Ziah, OSLO, Norway
James Band, KRISTIANSAND, Norway
Jamesband, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Jamtrackz records, OSLO, Norway
JamZone, SKIEN, Norway
Jan Borseths, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Jane Helen, OSLO, Norway
Jane Hveding Dance Productions, OSLO, Norway
Jansen Plateproduksjon, OSLO, Norway
January, Norway
Jaqueline, ELVERUM, Norway
Jayko Film, BERGEN, Norway
Jazid Collective A/S, OSLO, Norway
Jazkamer, OSLO, Norway
Jazz i Norge, OSLO, Norway
Jazz in Oslo / SOFO, OSLO, Norway
Jazz Police, Norway
Jazz på Jølst, VASSENDEN, Norway
JazzAhead, DE-28209 BREMEN, Germany
Jazzassin Records, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Jazzaway Records, OSLO, Norway
Jazzbanditt, OSLO, Norway
JazzCrime, Norway
Jazzkamikaze, Norway
Jazzkammer, BERGEN, Norway
Jazzland recordings, VINTERBRO, Norway
Jazzmob, Norway
Jazznytt, OSLO, Norway
Jazzradio'n, OSLO, Norway
Jazzwise Magazine, GB-LONDON SW16 2BF, England, UK
Je Suis Animal, OSLO, Norway
Jejune Productions, OSLO, Norway
Jeløy Folkehøgskole Musikklinja, MOSS, Norway
Jennifer Rubins, Norway
Jensengruppen, HOLMESTRAND, Norway
Jensens Gitarmakeri, HAGAN, Norway
Jeps AS, OSLO, Norway
Jeremy, STAVANGER, Norway
Jessheimdagene, JESSHEIM, Norway
Jessica Fletchers, The, Norway
Jester Records, OSLO, Norway
Jet Set Njet, OSLO, Norway
Jetmotor#1, Norway
Jetsurfers, Norway
Jeunesses Musicales Norway, OSLO, Norway
JFL Productions, OSLO, Norway
Jhohans, HOMMELVIK, Norway
Jienat, HAMMERFEST, Norway
Jim Stärk, OSLO, Norway
Jo Vestly Produksjon ANS, BEKKESTUA, Norway
Joakim Skarli, NEDENES, Norway
Jocelyn High, SARPSBORG, Norway
Jogujo Circuit, OSLO, Norway
Johan Halvorsen Society, OSLO, Norway
Johan Halvorsen Musikkfest, DRAMMEN, Norway
Johan og Marie Selmers Legat (de Selmerske Legater), OSLO, Norway
Johansens Dagligvarer, OSLO, Norway
John's Epic, OSLO, Norway
John Dee, OSLO, Norway
John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen, BERGEN, Norway
John Storm n da Kid, Norway
Johndoe, HEIMDAL, Norway
Johns Quijote, SKI, Norway
JoJo Productions / West Audio, STAVANGER, Norway
Jokke & Valentinerne, OSLO, Norway
Jon Anders Halvorsen, OSLO, Norway
Jon Eberson Group, Norway
Jon Kolden & Dry County Cowboys, LOM, Norway
Jon Platou Selvig, OSLO, Norway
Jonas Fjeld Band, DRAMMEN, Norway
JordSal, LIER, Norway
Jorn, Norway
Josephine, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Jovialbiennalen, OSLO, Norway
Joyride Artist Management, OSLO, Norway
JP Arts Network, OSLO, Norway
Jr Ewing, OSLO, Norway
JS Artist AS, OSLO, Norway
Judas vitner, Norway
Jugendfest, ÅLESUND, Norway
Juicy Weed, Norway
Julio Lindex Orkester, TROMSØ, Norway
Jumbo, Norway
Jumpin' Jerry and The Blue Healers, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Junebugg, Norway
Juni Musikk, BRUMMUNDAL, Norway
Junipher Greene, OSLO, Norway
Junkfood Society, OSLO, Norway
Juno Green, KØBENHAVN, Denmark
Juoigiid Searvi Att: Biret Risten SARA, KARASJOK, Norway
Jupedalen Pøbb Ensemble, Norway
Jupiter, I-28023 CRUSINALLO (VB), Italy
Just 4 Fun, Norway
Just Another Blues Band, NITTEDAL, Norway
Just Another Blues Band, NITTEDAL, Norway
Just AS, OSLO, Norway
Just AS, OSLO, Norway
Jutulrock, VÅGÅ, Norway
Juv Musikk AS, HUNNDALEN, Norway
Jærcowboy, VIGRESTAD, Norway
Jærdagen / Jærnåttå, BRYNE, Norway
Jæren Folkehøgskule, KLEPPE, Norway
Jærlyd, NÆRBØ, Norway
Jøkleba, Norway
Jørg-Fr. Ellertsen AS, OSLO, Norway
Jørn Dalchow, OSLO, Norway
Jørn Hilme Festival, FAGERNES, Norway
Jørn Kristian Nygaard Fiolinbygger, OSLO, Norway
Jørn Pedersen Musikkproduksjon, NESODDTANGEN, Norway
Jaa9 & OnklP, Norway
J&J-Band, OSLO, Norway
J.H. Kulberg AS, DRAMMEN, Norway
J.T. Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters, Norway
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