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L'État Libre de Neige, OSLO, Norway
L8R, OSLO, Norway
La Bottega Discantica, I-20123 MILANO, Italy
La Descarga, OSLO, Norway
La Linja, HAUGESUND, Norway
La Mascara Snake, OSLO, Norway
Laban, FLORØ, Norway
Laband & The Jelly Babies, Norway
Labels Germany, DE-10999 BERLIN, Germany
Ladehammerfestivalen, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Lady Moscow, OSLO, Norway
Ladyfest, OSLO, Norway
Lahrmsteiner Elite, RÅDAL, Norway
Laidback Studios, OSLO, Norway
Laila Nordø Artists Management, TERTNES, Norway
Lama, OSLO, Norway
Lame Ducks, VESTBY, Norway
Landmark Entertainment Group, OSLO, Norway
Landsbylarm, HAMAR, Norway
Landsfestivalen i Gammaldansmusikk, OSLO, Norway
Landslaget Drama i Skolen, OSLO, Norway
Landstreff Stavanger, ÅLGÅRD, Norway
Langesund Bluegrass Festival, LANGESUND, Norway
Langesund International Shanty Festival, LANGESUND, Norway
Langsomt Mot Nord, Norway
Lano Places, Norway
Laphen, Norway
Larmonien, Norway
Lars Fredriksen, Norway
Larvik Gitarfestival, LARVIK, Norway
Las Lineas, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Lash Out, Norway
Lasis Production, OSLO, Norway
Last James, (The), OSLO, Norway
Last Train, OSLO, Norway
Lathkill Music Publishers, GB-ASHGATE, CHESTERFIELD, S40 1HN, England, UK
Latinfestivalen i Trondheim, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Launderettes, The, OSLO, Norway
Lava, BERGEN, Norway
LAWO, OSLO, Norway
Ledzbor, BERGEN, Norway
Lefse, GEILO, Norway
Left-Hand Work, HUNDVÅG, Norway
Legathåndboken, SANDVIKA, Norway
Legatsiden.no, OSLO, Norway
Legotrip, OSLO, Norway
Leif Jakobsen band, GROVFJORD, Norway
Leif & Kompisane, STAVANGER, Norway
Lemaitre, OSLO, Norway
Leprous, OSLO, Norway
Lervåg Consulting, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Les Boréales, FR-14009 CAEN, France
Lester, Norway
Letzton Records, OSLO, Norway
Levanger Live, LEVANGER, Norway
Level & Tyson, OSLO, Norway
Levende Klassisk, NØTTERØY, Norway
Libido, Norway
Libido Link, OSLO, Norway
Liebling Records, OSLO, Norway
Lieksa Brass Week, FI-81700 LIEKSA, Finland
Life...but how to live it?, OSLO, Norway
Light and Darkness Records, OSLO, Norway
LiK, OSLO, Norway
Liliedugg, Norway
Lille, OSLO, Norway
Lille Lulu Film & Lyd, DRAMMEN, Norway
Lilleby Kompetansesenter for Rytmisk Musikk, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Lilleby Management, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Lillehammer Blues Weekend, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Lillehammer Country & Roots Weekend, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Lillehammer Music Festival, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Lillehammer Rock Weekend, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Lillemor, STAVANGER, Norway
Lily & The Gigolos, KRISTIANSAND, Norway
Lilyjets, Norway
Limbonic Art, Norway
Lime Kiln Jazz Band, SLEPENDEN, Norway
Lindberg Lyd AS, OSLO, Norway
Lindemanprisen, OSLO, Norway
Lindemans Legat, OSLO, Norway
Link (Bergen), Norway
Link (Hammerfest), HAMMERFEST, Norway
Lint, Norway
Lionheart Brothers, The, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Liquid Chili, OSLO, Norway
Listenable Records, FR-62930 WIMEREUX, FRANCE, France
Lister Lyd & Reklame A/S, VANSE, Norway
List, The, SANDNES, Norway
Little Big Band, KONGSVINGER, Norway
Little Big Man Booking, US-NY 10013, USA
Little Hands of Asphalt, The, OSLO, Norway
Little Label AS, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Little Wing, Norway
Little Wing, ÅLESUND, Norway
Liv & Bjørn, MOGREINA, Norway
Live-O-Rama, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Live Nation Norway, OSLO, Norway
Livecity / Edda Digital, OSLO, Norway
Liverpool Sound City, LIVERPOOL, England, UK
Living Room Studios AS, OSLO, Norway
Ljodahått, Norway
Ljå, STAVANGER, Norway
LM Studio & Trekkspillservice, BRUMUNDDAL, Norway
Lobotomized Teenagers, ÅLESUND, Norway
Loch Ness Mouse, The, Norway
Loco, OSLO, Norway
Locomotives, Norway
Lofoten Countryfestival, LEKNES, Norway
Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival, KABELVÅG, Norway
Lofotselskapet, KABELVÅG, Norway
Logikal, BERGEN, Norway
Lollipop, Norway
LoMsk, LOM, Norway
London Jazz Festival, GB-LONDON EC1R 0LU, England, UK
Loners, The, OSLO, Norway
Longship Entertainment, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Looop, OSLO, Norway
Loophole, OSLO, Norway
Loose Booty, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Lorangetech, BODØ, Norway
Lorenzo, OSLO, Norway
Lorraine, BERGEN, Norway
Los Plantronics, OSLO, Norway
Losen Records, OSLO, Norway
Losse Booty Funkateers, Norway
Lost in Hollywood, Norge, OSLO, Norway
Lost Management, BERGEN, Norway
Lost Records DA, KLEPPESTØ, Norway
Lost Time Group, SKIEN, Norway
Lost Weekend, KLEPPESTØ, Norway
Losten, ASKØY, Norway
Lotus, DRAMMEN, Norway
Louder Entertainment, ÅSGREINA, Norway
Loudmouf Choir, The, Norway
Louise Maren Poulsens Legat, OSLO, Norway
Love OD Communications, TROMSØ, Norway
Lovebugs, BERGEN, Norway
LoveOctopus, OSLO, Norway
Lovethugs, OSLO, Norway
Low Frequency In Stereo, HAUGESUND, Norway
Lowdown, STAVANGER, Norway
Lowride Inc., ELVERUM, Norway
Lowzow & Lycke, OSLO, Norway
LS Produktions A/S, SKOTTERUD, Norway
Lucerne Festival Academy Composer Project September 2006 – September 2008, Switzerland
Lucifer Was, OSLO, Norway
Luckee Records, OSLO, Norway
Lucky Eddie, OSLO, Norway
Lucky Lew, BERGEN, Norway
Lucky Lips, OSLO, Norway
Lucky loop, OSLO, Norway
Lucky Music AS, BERGEN, Norway
Luftslottet, GRIMSTAD, Norway
Luftwaffel Records, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Lukas Kasha, OSLO, Norway
Lukestar, OSLO, Norway
Lumbago, OSLO, Norway
Lumsk, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Lunaris, Norway
Lund Music Fair, SE-221 01 LUND, Sweden
Lunde Publishing, OSLO, Norway
Lust-O-Rama, The, OSLO, Norway
Lut, Norway
Luxus Leverpostei, KVINESDAL, Norway
Lyd, OSLO, Norway
Lyd-Systemer AS, OSLO, Norway
Lyd & Bilde, DRAMMEN, Norway
Lydarkitekten, ALTA, Norway
LydBadet Produksjon & Studio AS, OSLO, Norway
Lydbokforlaget AS, MELHUS, Norway
LydCentralen, SARPSBORG, Norway
Lydhagen Studio, VERDAL, Norway
Lydhodene, AURSKOG, Norway
Lydia Laska, OSLO, Norway
Lydkommisjonen, NARVIK, Norway
Lydkurs.no, SANDVIKA, Norway
Lydlosjen, OSLO, Norway
Lydmakeriet, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
LydMannen as, VIKERSUND, Norway
Lydmuren AS, GREÅKER, Norway
Lydpartner, BLAKER, Norway
Lydproduksjon Tromsø AS, TROMSØ, Norway
Lydraffineriet, ASKER, Norway
LydRommet as, OSLO, Norway
Lydsmia, BEITOSTØLEN, Norway
Lydteamet - avdeling Bodø, BODØ, Norway
Lydteamet - avdeling Tromsø, TROMSØ, Norway
Lydtekniker Stig Antonsen, STRØMMEN, Norway
Lydteknikk, RAKKESTAD, Norway
Lydtema, DRAMMEN, Norway
Lyngdal Rock Festival, LYNGDAL, Norway
Lynor GospelHouse AS, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Lyriaka, LOMMEDALEN, Norway
Lyssystemer Utleie AS, BODØ, Norway
Lystad Family Recordings, BEKKESTUA, Norway
Lystad Family Recordings, BEKKESTUA, Norway
Lysøen Museum, LYSEKLOSTER, Norway
Lærdal Musikkproduksjon AS, LÆRDAL, Norway
Løgnaslaget, STAVANGER, Norway
Løkbrød, Norway
Låvende Saker, SØR-FRON, Norway
L:UD, Norway
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