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This directory features links, addresses and other relevant information on Norwegian artists, musicians, composers, bands, orchestras, companies and organizations - even historical data. The database contains more than 14000 entries.


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M-Eternal, Norway
m-productions, OSLO, Norway
m-productions, OSLO, Norway
M3: Music AS, SOFIEMYR, Norway
MACE Management, ORKANGER, Norway
Machine Machine Records, NEDLAGT, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Machine Management, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Macklam/Feldman Management, Inc., CA-V6H 3Y4 VANCOUVER, Canada
Macmanus, LIER, Norway
Mad Squad, Norway
Madam Psjit, OSLO, Norway
Madcap Laughs, OSLO, Norway
MadCon, OSLO, Norway
Madder Mortem, GARDVIK, Norway
Made, BERGEN, Norway
Made in Japan, Norway
Madeleine Mattar, GB-BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, HP5 3EL, England, UK
Madrugada, OSLO, Norway
Maestro Music DA, SMØLA, Norway
Magenta, Norway
Magic Pie, MOSS, Norway
Magic Pillows, Norway
Magicka, NESODDTANGEN, Norway
Magnetic North Orchestra, OSLO, Norway
Magnolia Jazzband, OSLO, Norway
Magnus Nedregård Strykeinstrumenter, OSLO, Norway
MaiJazz - Stavanger International Jazz Festival, STAVANGER, Norway
Maika, OSLO, Norway
MainCrew AS, ROA, Norway
Mainly Opera, AU-GLENHAVEN NSW 2156, Australia
MaJo Records, OSLO, Norway
Majones Records, STAVANGER, Norway
Major Parkinson, BERGEN, Norway
MajorForlaget, OSLO, Norway
MajorStudio AS, BØVERBRU, Norway
Majorstuen, SKEI I JØLSTER, Norway
Make Me Dance, OSLO, Norway
Make Music AS, BERGEN, Norway
Malakoff Rockfestival, NORDFJORDEID, Norway
Male, OSLO, Norway
Malice In Wonderland, LAKSEVÅG, Norway
Malsain, STRAUME, Norway
Man Maid, BERGEN, Norway
Management Service, OSLO, Norway
Mandala, LODDEFJORD, Norway
Mandingo Trio, OSLO, Norway
Manes, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Manger Folkehøgskole Musikklinja, MANGER, Norway
Manger Musikklag, MANGER, Norway
Manglerud rockeverksted - fritidsklubb, OSLO, Norway
Manitou, LYNGDAL, Norway
Manna, BODØ, Norway
Mannen på Trappa, OSLO, Norway
Manngard, BERGEN, Norway
Manon, Norway
Manta Loders, Norway
Manual Design, OSLO, Norway
Maple Station, SKIEN, Norway
Maranata, OSLO, Norway
Marble Music - Hit Productions, STAVERN, Norway
Marcello Breeze, VINSTRA, Norway
Marcello B. Musikkskole, VINSTRA, Norway
Marcello Media ADRESSE UKJENT, Norway
March Brown, DRAMMEN, Norway
Margarets, The, GISKE, Norway
Marginal productions / Formgiverne d.a., OSLO, Norway
Margit Bakkens Bluesorkester, Norway
Maria Vocalis, BERGEN, Norway
Maribel, OSLO, Norway
Marion Ravn, Norway
Marita og Grabbarna, HØNEFOSS, Norway
Maritim Sommarfestival, FOSNAVÅG, Norway
Marklund Management, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Marquee Band, KRISTIANSAND, Norway
Mars Alternative Planet AS, OSLO, Norway
Marshall Monrad Band, RASTA, Norway
Marsmen, KRISTIANSAND, Norway
Marthinussen Musikksenter, HALDEN, Norway
Marvin Charles Trio, Norway
Marvin Jazzhouse, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Marytown Rehearsal Studios, OSLO, Norway
Mas-Kina Recordings, LANGHUS, Norway
Masqualero, OSLO, Norway
Massemedia AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Master Celebraters, Norway
Master Music Unit A, 8/Floor, HK-KOWLOON, Hong Kong, China
Master Music AS, FAGERSTRAND, Norway
Masterprize, GB-LONDON, W1B 2AG, England, UK
Mastersongs, OSLO, Norway
Matchstick Sun, OSLO, Norway
Mathias Eick Quartet, Norway
Mathisen, Tom & Herodes Falsk, OSLO, Norway
Mathuset Soknatun AS, HAUGE I DALENE, Norway
Matrix Pro Audio Ltd., RYKKINN, Norway
Mau-Mau Dubspirience, OSLO, Norway
Max Midsun, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Maxevent, LISMARKA, Norway
Mayah, BRYNE, Norway
Mayflies, STAVANGER, Norway
Mayhem, OSLO, Norway
Mazur Public Relations, US-TRENTON, NJ 08607-2425, USA
Márkomeannu, TROMS / NORDLAND, Norway
MBS - Music Brokers Scaninavia AS, SANDVIKA, Norway
Meadows & io, SKOLLENBORG, Norway
Meantime Records, BEKKESTUA, Norway
Medea Records B. Kuchler, NESTTUN, Norway
Media Uno, KLOKKARSTUA, Norway
Medit Music, OSLO, Norway
Meduza, OSLO, Norway
Medvind Norge, OSLO, Norway
Megaphonic Thrift, The, BERGEN, Norway
Mela Festival, OSLO, Norway
Melancholy Records, BERGEN / SANDVIKEN, Norway
Melderskin, BERGEN, Norway
Melektronikk, OSLO, Norway
Melhus songlag, Norway
Melic Verse, Norway
Mellon, Norway
Melodi Kvasi Grand Prix, OSLO, Norway
Men They Couldn't Shave, The, NORDBY, Norway
Menigmann, Norway
Mensen, OSLO, Norway
Mental Overdrive, Norway
Mentometer AS, OSLO, Norway
Menuhin Competition Oslo 2010, OSLO, Norway
MER, Norway
Merchants Of Venus, OSLO, Norway
Mercury Motors, OSLO, Norway
Mercury Records UK, GB-W14 8NS LONDON, England, UK
Mercy Street, Norway
Mere records, OSLO, Norway
Merry November, OSLO, Norway
Merylia, RÅHOLT, Norway
Messengers, Norway
Mester Productions, BODØ, Norway
Metal Age Productions, SK-VRUTKY 038 61, Slovakia
Metal Hammer Norway, OSLO, Norway
Metal Merchants Festival, ÅRNES, Norway
Metal Rock Fest, OSLO, Norway
Metrofon as, STABEKK, Norway
Metronom Musikkforlag, OSLO, Norway
Metronomicon Audio, OSLO, Norway
Metropol Music, OSLO, Norway
Metus Mortuus, Norway
Mezzerschmitt, OSLO, Norway
Michael og Marie Flagstads legat, OSLO, Norway
Micromars, Norway
MICs event calendar, OSLO, Norway
Mid-Norway Centre of Jazz, TRONDHEIM, Norway
MIDEM, F-75726 PARIS CEDEX 15, France
MidiMusic, SLITU, Norway
Midnattsrocken, LAKSELV, Norway
Midnight Choir, OSLO, Norway
Midnight Ramblers, STAVANGER, Norway
Midnight Sons, Norway
Midnight Specials, Norway
Midt-Norsk Musikkproduksjon, MOLDE, Norway
Midt i veien, SØRUM, Norway
Midt Norsk Storbandfestival, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Midtsommerfestival, OSLO, Norway
Midtsommerjazz, ÅLESUND, Norway
MiG Tautra BA, FROSTA, Norway
Mighty Dogfood, The, STAVANGER, Norway
Mikkelmessen, ØYER, Norway
Mikstape, OSLO, Norway
Mileo Media & Music, OSLO, Norway
Milestone Refinery, OSLO, Norway
Military Bands of the Norwegian Armed Forces, OSLO, Norway
Miljøbyen Gamle Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Millimedia.no, OSLO, Norway
Millpond Moon, BERGEN, Norway
Minas Tirith, JESSHEIM, Norway
Mind over MIDI, Norway
Mindgap, OSLO, Norway
Mindgrinder, KONGSBERG, Norway
Mindy Misty, OSLO, Norway
MiNensemblet, NARVIK, Norway
Ministry of Education and Research, OSLO, Norway
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cultural Relations Division, OSLO, Norway
Ministry of Trade and Industry, OSLO, Norway
Miniøya, OSLO, Norway
Minor Majority, OSLO, Norway
Minus Maja, TROMSØ, Norway
Miracle Records, OSLO, Norway
Mirele, OSLO, Norway
MiRo-ensemblet, HAUGESUND, Norway
Misjonærene, OSLO, Norway
Misra Records, US-78723 TX, USA
Miss Harmonica, OSLO, Norway
Miss Motor, BERGEN, Norway
Miss3, Norway
Misty, Norway
Mitell, BERGEN, Norway
Mjøsensemblet, OTTESTAD, Norway
MK Management, DALEKVAM, Norway
MLP - Mæhlum Lydproduksjon, DOKKA, Norway
MM Marine, HORTEN, Norway
MMF Norway (part of the IMMF), OSLO, Norway
MNW - MusicNetWork - NEDLAGT / CLOSED DOWN, OSLO, Norway
Mods, STAVANGER, Norway
Modus Center for Medieval Music, OSLO, Norway
Modus ensemble, OSLO, Norway
Mogens Dahl - institute for music, choir & conducting, COPENHAGEN, Denmark
Mogra barnekultur, HOSLE, Norway
Moguma, NESBRU, Norway
Mohammed, HORTEN, Norway
MoHa!, Norway
Mohr, OSLO, Norway
Mohr Music, HOSLE, Norway
MOHs Jazz Orchestra, Norway
Moist, MO I RANA, Norway
Mojo Blues, Norway
Mojos,The, OSLO, Norway
Mold, OSLO, Norway
Molde Jazz, MOLDE, Norway
Mole Musikk AS, OSLO, Norway
Molo, MO I RANA, Norway
Molomekaniske, OSLO, Norway
Momarkedet Show, MYSEN, Norway
Momentum, MOSS, Norway
Monade, STAVANGER, Norway
Mongo Ninja, OSLO, Norway
Monim Management, GRIMSTAD, Norway
Monn-Kvartetten, Norway
Monn Keys, The, OSLO, Norway
Mono, OSLO, Norway
Monoceros Musical S.L., E-28002 MADRID, Spain
Monologue, FLORØ, Norway
Monomen, Norway
Monopot, BERGEN, Norway
Monoswezi, Norway
Monroes, The, Norway
Monstereo, BERGEN, Norway
Montax / Barnas Plateselskap, STAVANGER, Norway
Montée, OSLO, Norway
Monumental Records, GML. FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Monzano, OSLO, Norway
Moon Man Records, HØYANGER, Norway
Moonbeam, Norway
Moondog, ØSTERÅS, Norway
Moonflowers, OSLO, Norway
Moonfog Productions, OSLO, Norway
Moonlight Records, DRAMMEN, Norway
Moonspinners, HAUGESUND, Norway
MoonZoon, FLEKKEFJORD, Norway
Morbid Records, DE-03114 DREBKAU, Germany
Morendoes, Norway
Morgans, OSLO, Norway
Morgenbladet, OSLO, Norway
Morgul, Norway
Mormones, The, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Mormor & De 8000 Ungene, Norway
Mormorio, OSLO, Norway
Morning Light Records A/S, FURNES, Norway
Morningstar Records DA, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Morris, HALDEN, Norway
Mors heimelagde, Norway
Mortiis, Norway
Mosaic, OSLO, Norway
Moserobie Music Production, Sweden
Moskus, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Moss Kammerkor, MOSS, Norway
Mostraspelet, URANGSVÅG, Norway
Moth Circus, OSLO, Norway
Mother Ocean Records, OSLO, Norway
Motion Control, Norway
Motorfinger Design Studio, OSLO, Norway
Motorpsycho, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Motorpsykkel, Norway
Motsol, STAVANGER, Norway
Mountain Music, OSLO, Norway
Movemountains, OSLO, Norway
Movie, OSLO, Norway
Moving Oos, Norway
Moys, YTRE ENEBAKK, Norway
Mr. Bluesman & The Hammond Grooves, ASKIM, Norway
MR. Songs, DRØBAK, Norway
MSN Music Service Norway, LANGHUS, Norway
MSN Oslo Music Week, OSLO, Norway
MSO Logistikk AS, OSLO, Norway
MTG Music, OSLO, Norway
Mulens Portland Combo, RØYKEN, Norway
Multicyde, Norway
Multima audiosenter, OSLO, Norway
MultiTechnic AS, OSLO, Norway
Munch Museum, OSLO, Norway
Mungolian JetSet, Norway
Music Alternatives, STAVANGER, Norway
Music Department, Oslo Public Library, OSLO, Norway
Music Escorte Service, DRAMMEN, Norway
Music For Records, BERGEN, Norway
Music From Norway, OSLO, Norway
Music Masters Management, CH-6343 ROTKREUZ, Switzerland
Music Minded Media, HORTEN, Norway
Music Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Music Population Orchestra, The, PORTLAND, OR 97209, USA
Music under Europe, OSLO, Norway
Music & Media, GB-WC2H 8TJ LONDON, England, UK
Music & Words, NL-3430 BD NIEUWEGEIN, Netherlands
Musica Domestica, GODFJORD, Norway
Musica Sacra, SANDANE, Norway
MusicaNord, BERGEN, Norway
Musicaviva, SANDNES, Norway
MusicBlink.com, OSLO, Norway
MusicDeal.no, FURNES, Norway
Musiconline.no, OSLO, Norway
Musicool, CA-TORONTO, ON M5V 1M7, Canada
Musicus, KATTEM, Norway
Musicworks, GB-GLASGOW G1 1PH, Scotland, UK
MusikerPortalen, VÅLER I SOLØR, Norway
Musikk- og Artist formidleren, SANDEFJORD, Norway
Musikk-Husets Forlag AS, OSLO, Norway
Musikk-Kultur, OSLO, Norway
Musikk-Miljø AS, BERGEN, Norway
Musikk Engros AS, EIDSVÅG I ÅSANE, Norway
Musikk Engros as, TROMSØ, Norway
Musikk fra Norge, BODØ, Norway
Musikk i Finnmark, VADSØ, Norway
Musikk i Hedmark, HAMAR, Norway
Musikk i Nordland, NARVIK, Norway
Musikk Makerne AnS, HOSLE, Norway
Musikk og bevegelse, OSLO, Norway
Musikk som Kommunikasjon og Relasjon, OSLO, Norway
Musikk Til Ditt bryllup, SKJETTEN, Norway
Musikk & Film AS, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Musikkanmelderen Nettavis, BERGEN, Norway
Musikkavisen.no, HALDEN, Norway
MusikkBruket, OSLO, Norway
Musikkens Venner Drammen, DRAMMEN, Norway
Musikkfest Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Musikkfest Stavanger, STAVANGER, Norway
Musikkfest Trondheim, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Musikkflekken, SANDVIKA, Norway
Musikkfondene, OSLO, Norway
Musikkgruppen Knut, Norway
Musikkguiden, OSLO, Norway
Musikkinnslag.no, OSLO, Norway
Musikkjurist, BERGEN, Norway
Musikkloftet AS, SLEPENDEN, Norway
MusikkLosen AS, OSLO, Norway
Musikklosjen, HAMAR, Norway
Musikkmanesjen, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Musikknyheter.no, OSLO, Norway
Musikkoperatørene AS (MO), OSLO, Norway
Musikkpartner AS, OSLO, Norway
Musikkpartner AS Tromsø, TROMSØ, Norway
Musikkpedagogisk forlag, OSLO, Norway
Musikkprofil Booking & Management, OSLO, Norway
Musikkselskapet ANS, OSLO, Norway
Musikksentralen, OSLO, Norway
Musikkteater i Bodø, BODØ, Norway
Musikktorvet as, SKIEN, Norway
Musikkutstyrsordningen, OSLO, Norway
Musikkvarehuset.no, OSLO, Norway
Musikkverket, MOSS, Norway
Musikkverkstedet, OSLO, Norway
Musikmesse Frankfurt, DE-60327 FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany
Musikologen Productiones, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Musikteatern i Värmland Värmlandsoperan, S-652 30 KARLSTAD, Sweden
Musikvariatet, OSLO, Norway
Musiq.no, BIRKELAND, Norway
Muzikguide, KRISTIANSUND N, Norway
Muzzlewhite, OSLO, Norway
My Little Pony, OSLO, Norway
My Midnight Creeps, OSLO, Norway
My Misspent Youth, BERGEN, Norway
Myriads, STAVANGER, Norway
Myrkskog, NOTODDEN, Norway
Mysticum, ASKER, Norway
Møllarn's verk, VESTRE SANDØYA, Norway
Møllebyen Litteraturfestival, MOSS, Norway
Møre Folkehøgskole Musikklinja, ØRSTA, Norway
Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune, MOLDE, Norway
Mørke Nu, BODØ, Norway
Mørkredde menn, NESODDTANGEN, Norway
MØST Muskkknettverk Østlandet, OSLO, Norway
Måkeskrik, OSLO, Norway
Målrock, ÅRDALSTANGEN, Norway
Månefestivalen, GAMLE FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Månefisken AS, OSLO, Norway
Månelyst AS, OSLO, Norway
Månen, HAUGESUND, Norway
Maarudkara, NES, Norway
M&R Management org.891505612, DRAMMEN, Norway
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