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Nabolaget, BIRI, Norway
Nadirsenit, Norway
Nagel Heyer Records, DE-22549 HAMBURG, Germany
Naked Truth, The, ÅLESUND, Norway
Nakkeskudd plater, OSLO, Norway
Nama Management & Events, OSLO, Norway
Namdals Folkehøgskole Band og studio, GRONG, Norway
Namsos Rock Festival, NAMSOS, Norway
Nansy, Norway
Narum, EINA, Norway
Nasablod, Norway
NASOL's Notebibliotek, RIDABU, Norway
National Association for Music in Schools, OSLO, Norway
National Association of Music Conservatories, STAVANGER, Norway
National Bank, The, Norway
National College of Ballet and Dance, OSLO, Norway
National College of Operatic Art, OSLO, Norway
National Confederation of Music Societies, BERGEN, Norway
National Federation of Norwegian Musical Artists, OSLO, Norway
National jazz scene, OSLO, Norway
National Library of Norway, OSLO, Norway
National Library, Film and Music Section, OSLO, Norway
National Library, Mediatheque, OSLO, Norway
National Norwegian Youth Orchestra, OSLO, Norway
National Sound Archives, National Library, Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Nationaltheatret, OSLO, Norway
Native North Records, HAUGESUND, Norway
Natt og Dag, OSLO, Norway
Nattjazz, BERGEN, Norway
Nature Aid, SORTLAND, Norway
Naustrock, HARØY, Norway
NAV Jobbservice/Artistformidling, OSLO, Norway
Navyelectre, OSLO, Norway
Naxos Norway AS, SON, Norway
NB Radio, FÆRVIK, Norway
NCB Norge, DK-1611 KØBENHAVN, Denmark
Necessary Production / Studiodrift AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Nedre Eiker Bibliotek Musikkavdelingen, MJØNDALEN, Norway
Nekromantheon, KOLBOTN, Norway
Nekropolis, OSLO, Norway
Neon Night, ELVERUM, Norway
Nesbyen Music Festival, NESBYEN, Norway
Nesna University College, NESNA, Norway
Nesodden Jazzklubb, NESODDTANGEN, Norway
Nettwerk Management, GB-NW1 7HB LONDON, England, UK
Nettwerk Music Group, CA-VANCOUVER, Canada
Neurodisc Records, US-FLORIDA 33351 , USA
New Breed, Norway
New Cut Music, OSLO, Norway
New Jordal Swingers, Norway
New Kicks Booking, KRISTIANSAND, Norway
New Music Composers' Group, OSLO, Norway
New Music In Scotland - NEMIS, GB-GLASGOW G1 1NP, Scotland, UK
New Note, GB-KENT BR8 8TS, England, UK
New Orleans Jazzcab, KRISTIANSAND, Norway
New Orleans Workshop, OSLO, Norway
New Records AS, BERGEN, Norway
New Train Band, SKI, Norway
New Violators, TRONDHEIM, Norway
New Wine, The, BERGEN, Norway
NewClear Sound, OSLO, Norway
NewOrleans JazzCab, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
News Records, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Next Life, OSLO, Norway
Next Step AS Music Production, MOLDE, Norway
Next Stop Distribution Norway, OSLO, Norway
NFL Produksjoner, NOTODDEN, Norway
NGMF (Garden), OSLO, Norway
Ni Liv, ÅS, Norway
Nickels & Dimes, DOKKA, Norway
Nicolai, OSLO, Norway
Nidaros Bluesfestival, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Nidaros Cathedral Boys Choir , HEIMDAL, Norway
Nidaros Domkor, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Nidaros Studio, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Nidarosdomens jentekor, Norway
Nidelven Grammofon AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Niente (Øyvind Gimse Musikkprosjekt), RANHEIM, Norway
Night & Day Distribution, F-93210 LA PLAINE ST. DENIS, France
Nightfever, OSLO, Norway
Nikkeby Lufthavn, TROMSØ, Norway
Nils Olav Johansen Trio, Norway
Nils & Blåmenn, Norway
Nimis Records ANS, MOSTERHAMN, Norway
Ning, OSLO, Norway
Ninja Tune, England, UK
Ninth, BERGEN, Norway
Nissimo, RÅDAL, Norway
Nittedal and Hakadal Symphonic Band, NITTEDAL, Norway
Nixon, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
NM i Rock / GBOB, OSLO, Norway
NMW - Nordic Music Week, STAVANGER, Norway
No Colours Records, DE-04767 MÜGELN, Germany
No Life Orchestra, TRONDHEIM, Norway
No More Fish Jokes, HOLMESTRAND, Norway
No Spaghetti Edition, OSLO, Norway
No Torso, BEKKESTUA, Norway
Noah AS, BERGEN, Norway
Nobel Records, OSLO, Norway
Nobodies, Norway
NoCaez Records, BØDALEN, Norway
Nocturnal Art Productions, KONGSBERG, Norway
Nocturnal Breed, OSLO, Norway
Noe ganske Annet, Norway
Noise Pop, US-SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110, USA
Noise...WHAT?! Booking, OSLO, Norway
NOK Records, OSLO, Norway
Nomad Nipples, Norway
Nonshine, Norway
Nood, OSLO, Norway
Noors Nationaal Verkeersbureau, NL-1075 CE AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
Noors Nationaal Verkeersbureau, NL-1070 AC AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
Noorse Kerk, NL-3016 GK ROTTERDAM, Netherlands
Noorse Zeemans Kerk, B-2000 ANTWERPEN, Belgium
NOPA - Society of Composers and Lyricists, OSLO, Norway
Noplacetohide, OSLO, Norway
Nor - Produksjon, AURSKOG, Norway
Nord-Loftet Musikkverksted, BØ I VESTERÅLEN, Norway
Nord-Norsk Plateselskap / Aktiv Audio, SILSAND, Norway
Nord-Trøndelag Fylkeskommune, STEINKJER, Norway
Nord-Trøndelag Musikkråd, STEINKJER, Norway
Nord09, SE-780 67 SÄLEN, Sweden
Nordafjells, OPPDAL, Norway
Nordavind Sound Design, BERGEN, Norway
Nordhordaland Folkehøyskole, FREKHAUG, Norway
Nordic Artists Management A/S, DK-1111 COPENHAGEN K, Denmark
Nordic Black Theatre, OSLO, Norway
Nordic Composers Council, S-102 54 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Nordic Concert Management AS, OSLO, Norway
Nordic Council of Ministers, DK-1255 KØBENHAVN K, Denmark
Nordic Industrial Fund - centre for innovation and commercial development, OSLO, Norway
Nordic Initiative, US-, USA
Nordic Institute for Stage and Studio, OSLO, Norway
Nordic Instrumental Music - For Colleges and Universities, US-TUSCON, ARIZONA 85755, USA
Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, SANDANE, Norway
Nordic Music Days, SE-STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Nordic Music Price, OSLO, Norway
Nordic Music Week, STAVANGER, Norway
Nordic Records A/S, OSLO, Norway
Nordic Sound, GRUE-FINNSKOG, Norway
Nordic Sound Hiroshima, JP-730 0016 HIROSHIMA , Japan
Nordic Sounds, Denmark
Nordic Sounds Ltd. AS, OSLO, Norway
Nordic Strings, VANG PÅ HEDMARK, Norway
Nordic Viola Society, Sweden
Nordic Voices, OSLO, Norway
Nordicae, DRAMMEN, Norway
Nordisk Komponistkonkurranse, OSLO, Norway
Nordisk kulturfond, DK-1255 KØBENHAVN K , Denmark
Nordisk Polsfestival, MELHUS, Norway
Nordisk Råds Musikkpris, DK-1255 KØBENHAVN K, DANMARK , Denmark
Nordiska Folkhögskolan, SE-442 18 KUNGÄLV, Sweden
Nordkappfestivalen, HONNINGSVÅG, Norway
Nordklang, RUDSHØGDA, Norway
Nordkor, NARVIK, Norway
Nordland Fylkes musikkbibliotek, NARVIK, Norway
Nordland fylkeskommune, NARVIK, Norway
Nordland fylkeskommune Kulturetaten Musikk i Nordland, NARVIK, Norway
Nordland Fylkeskommune, Kulturetaten, BODØ, Norway
Nordland Music Festival , BODØ, Norway
Nordland Musikkråd, BODØ, Norway
Nordlys Lyd og Multimedia, KABELVÅG, Norway
Nordmøre Folkehøyskole, SURNADAL, Norway
Nordnorsk Folkemusikksamling, TROMSØ, Norway
Nordnorsk Jazzsenter, BODØ, Norway
Nordnorsk pensjonistskole, SØMNA, Norway
Nordnorsk viseforum, TROMSØ, Norway
Nordnorsk Visegruppe, TROMSØ, Norway
Nordprofil, OSLO, Norway
Nordre Sving, OSLO, Norway
Nordvesttreffen, FOLDFJORDEN, Norway
Noregs Ungdomslag, OSLO, Norway
Norges Blindeforbunds legat, OSLO, Norway
Norges Eksportråd, S-103 89 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Norges Eksportråd, DK-1256 KØBENHAVN K, Denmark
Norges Korforbund Oslo-Akershus, OSLO, Norway
Norges Musikkhandlerforbund, SKÅRER, Norway
Norges musikkhøgskoles felleslegat, OSLO, Norway
Norges Turistbyrå, FIN-00101 HELSINKI, Finland
Norgez Bank, TROMSØ, Norway
Norheimsund & Øystese Ungdomskor, Norway
Norhornpress, STABEKK, Norway
Norilds Music, ØRSKOG, Norway
Norli Bislet, OSLO, Norway
Norli Pilestredet Park, OSLO, Norway
Norli Universitetsgaten, OSLO, Norway
Norma Sass, OSLO, Norway
Normann Records AS, STAUBØ, Norway
Noroff Instituttet, Bergen, BERGEN, Norway
Norseman, The, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Americana Forum, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Artist Formidling, BERGEN, Norway
Norsk Artistforbund, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Balalaikaorkester, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Blues Union, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Country Treff, BREIM, Norway
Norsk Folkemuseum - The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Folkemusikklag, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Norsk Forfattersentrum, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Hornklubb, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Instrumentforum, BERGEN, Norway
Norsk Jazzforlag, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Norsk jazzforum, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Karaoke AS, TJØME, Norway
Norsk Kirkemusikk, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Korsenter AS, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Kulturhusnettverk, ÅL, Norway
Norsk Kvedarforum, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Lokalradioforbund, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Ltd., US-BOULDER, CO 80304, USA
Norsk Lur- og Bukkehornlag, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Lyd, TROMSØ, Norway
Norsk Lydstudio, MJØNDALEN, Norway
Norsk Media, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Medietidsskrift c/o Anne Gjelsvik, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Norsk MotorTreff, DØLEMO, Norway
Norsk Musikforlag AS, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Musikkskole, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Noteservice AS, OSLO, Norway
Norsk prestetjeneste, B-1410 WATERLOO, Belgium
Norsk prestetjeneste Kirken, E-03570 VILLAJOYOSA, Spain
Norsk Rekord ENK, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Revyfestival - NM i revy, HØYLANDET, Norway
Norsk Sanginstitutt, HØYLANDET, Norway
Norsk Talentregister, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Trekkspillarkiv, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Underholdningsindustri AS, OSLO, Norway
Norsk Utflukt, OSLO, Norway
NorskAmerikaner, OSLO, Norway
Norske Dansekunstnere - forbundet for dansere, koreografer og pedagoger , OSLO, Norway
Norske Gutter, OSLO, Norway
Norske Kammersangere, OSLO, Norway
Norske Rack Grossister as, NESTTUN, Norway
Norsong.com, JAKOBSLI, Norway
North Sea Festival in Farsund, FARSUND, Norway
Northern Europe Jazz Quartet, Norway
Northern Light Music, US-SANTA BARBARA, CA 93105, USA
Northern Region Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces, HARSTAD, Norway
Northline Music Company, ÅSNES FINNSKOG, Norway
NORTRA / Norges Turistråd, DK-1256 KØBENHAVN K, Denmark
Norvegemus, GAMLE FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Norwaco, OSLO, Norway
Norway Festivals, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Norway International Big Band Festival, SANDVIKA, Norway
Norway Records, LARVIK, Norway
Norway Rock Agency, OSLO, Norway
Norway Rock Festival, KVINESDAL, Norway
Norway Rock Magazine, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Norwegain Violin Makers Association, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Academy of Music, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Accordionists Association, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Actors' Equity Association, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, TROMSØ, Norway
Norwegian Armed Forces Museum, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Art AS, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Association for Music Therapy, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Association of Lecturers at Music Colleges, BERGEN, Norway
Norwegian Association of Mandolin and Balalaika Orchestras, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Association of Music Libraries, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Norwegian Association of Symphony Orchestras, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Assosiation for Music Educators, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Band Federation, BERGEN, Norway
Norwegian Band Federation, BERGEN, Norway
Norwegian Bandindex, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Baroque Orchestra, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Beatles, The, ALTA, Norway
Norwegian Black Metal, GB-HERTS, EN11 OPG, England, UK
Norwegian Bluegrass Music Association, SØNDELED, Norway
Norwegian Broadcasting Boyschoir, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian center for technology in music and the arts, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Chamber Music Association, PARADIS, Norway
Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Choirs Association, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Church Choir Association, STAVANGER, Norway
Norwegian Collection of Folk Music, University of Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Community School, KE-NAIROBI, Kenya
Norwegian Composers Publishing House, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Cornett & Sackbuts, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Council for Traditional Music and Dance, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Norwegian Council of Music and Art Schools, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Norwegian Cultural Forum, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Federation for the Arts in Education, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Federation of Young Choirs, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Folk and Popular Song Archives, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Folk Music Fund, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Folk Music Week, ÅL, Norway
Norwegian Folk Song Association, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Folklore Archives, University of Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Forum for Choral Singers, KJELLER, Norway
Norwegian Gospel Voices - NGV, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Harmonica Association, BRYNE, Norway
Norwegian Impresario Association, ASKIM, Norway
Norwegian Independent Record Producers Assoc., NIRPA, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Indie Festival, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Industrial Attaches c/o Norwegian Trade Council, GB-LONDON SW1 4LR, England, UK
Norwegian Industrial Attachés Royal Norwegian Embassy, JP-TOKYO 106, Japan
Norwegian Information Service, US-NEW YORK, NY 10022-7584, USA
Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound, Stavanger, STAVANGER, Norway
Norwegian Jazz Archives, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian jew´s harp association, RYSSTAD, Norway
Norwegian Library Association, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Military Band Bergen, BERGEN, Norway
Norwegian Military Tattoo, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Music Publishers' Association, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Music Teachers Association, BERGEN, Norway
Norwegian Musicians' Union, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Musicological Society, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian National Opera Orchestra, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Opera Singers' Association, HØVIK, Norway
Norwegian Organ Festival, KOPERVIK, Norway
Norwegian Percussion Society, LIERSKOGEN, Norway
Norwegian Polar Orchestra, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Norwegian Radio Orchestra, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Rock Festivals, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Seamen's Center, AE-DUBAI, United Arab Emirates
Norwegian Seamen's Church, US-BALTIMORE, MD 21214, USA
Norwegian Seamen's Church, US-PASADENA, TX 77504, USA
Norwegian Seamen's Church, GB-LONDON SE16 1JB, England, UK
Norwegian Seamen's Church, US-NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130, USA
Norwegian Seamen's Church, US-NEW YORK, NY 10022, USA
Norwegian Seamen's Church, US-SAN PEDRO, CA 90733-1621, USA
Norwegian Seamen's Church, US-SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94109-1232, USA
Norwegian Seamen's Mission, US-PORT OF MIAMI, FL 33134, USA
Norwegian Seamen's Mission, SG-SINGAPORE 0511, Singapore
Norwegian Society of Composers, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Sound & Vision, BRANDBU, Norway
Norwegian String Quartet, SKI, Norway
Norwegian Tourist Board, US-NEW YORK, NY 10017, USA
Norwegian Tourist Board Charles House, GB-LONDON SW1Y 4LRX, England, UK
Norwegian Trade Council, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Trade Council Charles House, GB-LONDON SW1Y 4LR, England, UK
Norwegian Trade Council, SG-SINGAPORE 048581, Singapore
Norwegian Trade Council c/o Royal Norwegian Embassy, CN-BEIJING 100600, China (People's Rep)
Norwegian Trade Council, US-SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94 111, USA
Norwegian Trade Council, CA-TORONTO, ONTARIO M4W 3R8, Canada
Norwegian Trade Council, JP-TOKYO 106, Japan
Norwegian Trade Council, MAL-50710 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia
Norwegian Trade Council, US-WASHINGTON, DC 20008-2714, USA
Norwegian Trade Council, TH-BANGKOK 10501, Thailand
Norwegian Trade Council, I-20121 MILANO, Italy
Norwegian Trade Council, ZA-SANDTON, JOHANNESBURG 2146, South Africa
Norwegian Trade Council, US-NEW YORK, NY 10022, USA
Norwegian Trade Council, CZ-110 01 PRAHA 1, Czech Republic
Norwegian Trade Council c/o Royal Norwegian Embassy, KR-SEOUL 100-603, Korea (Rep)
Norwegian Trade Council, RU-191126 ST. PETERSBURG, Russian Federation
Norwegian Trade Council, RU-183039 MURMANSK, Russian Federation
Norwegian Trade Council, US-HOUSTON, TX 77019, USA
Norwegian Trade Council Royal Norw. Emb. Commercial Section, ID-JAKARTA 12950, Indonesia
Norwegian Trade Council, TW-TAIPEI, Taiwan
Norwegian Trade Unions Choir Association, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Traditional Music Agency, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Traditional Music and Dance Competition, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Traditional Music Directory, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Wind Quintet, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Winds, OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Wood, LYSAKER, Norway
Norwegian YMCA-YWCA (Ten Sing), OSLO, Norway
Norwegian Youth Chamber Music Festival, STAVANGER, Norway
Norwegian Youth Orchestra Association, OSLO, Norway
Norwegischer Rat fürAussenwirtschaft Kgl. Norwegisches Generalkonsulat, D-40474 DÜSSELDORF, Germany
Norwegischer Rat fürAussenwirtschaft Kgl. Norwegische Botschaft, D-10787 BERLIN, Germany
Norwegisches Fremdenverkehrsamt/ "Norwegen-Zentrum", D-22087 HAMBURG, Germany
Nostalgia, Norway
Nostalgifestivalen, STJØRDAL, Norway
Not From America, STAVANGER, Norway
Notabene Records AS, OSLO, Norway
Notebutikken.no, OSLO, Norway
Notemaker'n, OS I ØSTERDALEN, Norway
Notodden Blues Band, NOTODDEN, Norway
Notodden Blues Festival, NOTODDEN, Norway
Notodden Lyd, NOTODDEN, Norway
Notodden Musikk Festival, NOTODDEN, Norway
NOTON # noteforlag, HAMAR, Norway
NOTOWN Entertainment, DRAMMEN, Norway
Notteroy Kulturhus, NØTTERØY, Norway
Novae Obscuritatis , BERGEN, Norway
November Homecoming, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Novio As, NESBRU, Norway
Novocaine, BERGEN, Norway
Now We've Got Members, OSLO, Norway
Now, Voyager, Norway
Noxagt, SANDNES, Norway
NRK - Musikk, OSLO, Norway
NRK Jazz, OSLO, Norway
NSI Lydproduksjon, OSLO, Norway
NTNU Library, Music Library, TRONDHEIM, Norway
NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of music, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Nuclear Blast, DE-73072 DONZDORF, Germany
Nuisance, Norway
Nullskattesnylterne, SPILLUM, Norway
Number Seven Deli, OSLO, Norway
Numskull, Norway
Numusic Productions, STAVANGER, Norway
Nun Music, OSLO, Norway
Nurk Twins, Norway
Nutsons, Norway
Ny Musikk, OSLO, Norway
Ny Musikk - Tromsø, TROMSØ, Norway
Ny Tid Kulturredaksjonen, OSLO, Norway
Nye Ringnesin, TESSANDEN, Norway
Nye Skalder, OSLO, Norway
Nye Takter, OSLO, Norway
Nymark Collective, Norway
Nynorsk Lyd / Eidset Lyd, VOLDA, Norway
Nystogs, Norway
Nødutgang Festivalen, BODØ, Norway
Nøkken, Norway
Nånn I Nabolaget, TRONDHEIM, Norway
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