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This directory features links, addresses and other relevant information on Norwegian artists, musicians, composers, bands, orchestras, companies and organizations - even historical data. The database contains more than 14000 entries.


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O my soul, OSLO, Norway
Oakland Studio, VALESTRANDSFOSSEN, Norway
Oakland Studio, VALESTRANDSFOSSEN, Norway
OAS Music, OSLO, Norway
Obi Won, Norway
Obliteration, KOLBOTN, Norway
Obscure, BERGEN, Norway
Obstacles, Norway
Ocean Art, Norway
Octav Soundstudio, VALLAVIK, Norway
Octavia, BERGEN, Norway
Octavian, HAMAR, Norway
Octoberdance, BERGEN, Norway
Octopus/Octopus Band, Norway
Odd, ÅRDAL, Norway
Odd productions, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Odd R. Antonsen International, RIDABU, Norway
Odd R. Antonsens Symphonic Band - ORASB, Norway
Odderøya Live, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
ODDL Studio, KAUPANGER, Norway
ODIN Records, OSLO, Norway
Oecumuse, GB-CAMBS CB7 4AH, England, UK
OffBeaT, OSLO, Norway
Offchart Records, OSLO, Norway
Offpist, OSLO, Norway
OffTheRecords, OSLO, Norway
Ofsdal Enno, OSLO, Norway
OGAE Norway, OSLO, Norway
Oh Yeah! Records c/o Ramalama, OSLO, Norway
OiOi-Festivalen, BERGEN, Norway
Oj trio, OSLO, Norway
Okapi records, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Okkultokrati, Norway
OlavsHallen AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Olavskulen, FINNÅS, Norway
Old Man's Child, JESSHEIM, Norway
Old Time Records, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Ole A. Hagen Management, OSLO, Norway
Ole Bull Academy, VOSS, Norway
Ole Ivars, Norway
Ole Jørn Myklebust, OSLO, Norway
Ole Kristian Egge, BRANDBU, Norway
Ole Morten Vågan, OSLO, Norway
Ole Petter Hansen, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Olivia and the Adventures from the Dead, OSLO, Norway
Olsenfestivalen, OSLO, Norway
Olstad Sound Saloon, VESTRE GAUSDAL, Norway
Olympus Mons, Norway
Omenås musikkfestival, OSLO, Norway
On Stage Booking, DRAMMEN, Norway
On The Edge Of Wrong, OSLO, Norway
On The Rise, BERGEN, Norway
One 2 Many, GJØVIK, Norway
One Stop Entertainment, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
One Way Straight, HALDEN, Norway
Onkel Tuca, HALDEN, Norway
Only Connect, OSLO, Norway
Ontrack Studio, RENA, Norway
Ontz, OSLO, Norway
OnYourStage, OSLO, Norway
Oofotr, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Open Source - Psychedelic festival, OSLO, Norway
Opera in Fredrikstad, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Opera Nordfjord, NORDFJORDEID, Norway
Opera Omnia, OS, Norway
Opera Sør, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
OperaNordpå, FAUSKE, Norway
Ophelia Ragtime Orchestra, OSLO, Norway
Oppedal Bluesband, BREKKE, Norway
Oppland Arbeiderblad, GJØVIK, Norway
Oppland Fylkeskommune, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Oppsong AS, TORJULVÅGEN, Norway
Optilux AS, PORSGRUNN, Norway
Optimus, Norway
Optimus booking, OSLO, Norway
Opus 8 AS, OSLO, Norway
Opus 82, SANDVIKA, Norway
Oral Constitution, HAUGESUND, Norway
Orange, BODØ, Norway
Orange Club, OSLO, Norway
Orango, OSLO, Norway
Orbina, KAUTOKEINO, Norway
ORBO & The Longshots, OS, Norway
Orcustus, BERGEN, Norway
Ordentlig radio, LOMMEDALEN, Norway
Organ - Festival for Music and Art, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
Oriental Sunshine, BERGEN, Norway
Origami Disharmonika, OSLO, Norway
Origami Galaktika, Norway
Original Oslo Jazzband, Norway
Origo Sound, STRØMMEN, Norway
Orkester Norden, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Orkesteret Kalabalik, HARSTAD, Norway
ORKIS - Oslo Røde Kors Internasjonale Senter, OSLO, Norway
Orlando/EPCOT, Walt Disney World Norway Pavilion, US-LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL 32830, USA
Orpheus, Norway
Osa Festival, VOSS, Norway
Oscar Publishing, OSLO, Norway
Oscarsborg Operaen, NORDRE FROGN, Norway
Ose Country Festival, BYGLAND, Norway
Ose Cultural Workshop, BYGLAND, Norway
Ose Kulturarrangement AS, BYGLAND, Norway
Osito Records, OSLO, Norway
Oslo 13, Norway
Oslo Bach-kor, RYKKINN, Norway
Oslo Barokkorkester, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Baroque Soloists, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Bellydance Center, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Brass Band, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Brass Weekend, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Børs, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Camerata, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Cantat, Norway
Oslo Cathedral Choir, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Chamber Choir, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Chamber Music Festival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo chamber orchestra, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Chorale Selskap, OSLO, Norway
Oslo City Hall Carillon, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Concert Hall, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Ess, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Fluid, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Gitarensemble, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Gospel Choir, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Grieg Festival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Grieg Society, OSLO, Norway
Oslo International Church Music Festival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo International Rumi Festival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Jazzfestival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Kammerakademi, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Konsertdireksjon AS, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Korpscenter AS, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Kulturnatt, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Kultursenter, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Live Festival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Lyd og Lys, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Middelalderfestival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo musikk- og kulturskole, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Musikklærerforening, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Musikklærerforening, Olav Thranes legat, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Musikklærerforening, O.A. og Agathe Backer Grøndahls Legat, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Musikkråd, OSLO, Norway
Oslo National Academy of the Arts, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Nye Teater, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Opera Festival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Philharmonic Choir, BILLINGSTAD, Norway
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Recordings, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Records AS, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Rock-Antikvariat, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Rock City Jamboree, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Rockabilly Festival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Sacred Music Festival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Saloon orchestra, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Sinfonietta, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Soul Children, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Spektrum, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Sporveiers Musikkorps, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Storband, HAGAN, Norway
Oslo String Quartet, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Studentfestival, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Symfoniorkester, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Tango Club, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Trio, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Vocal Ensemble, OSLO, Norway
Oslo Workshop Big Band, OSLO, Norway
Oslo World Music Festival, OSLO, Norway
Oslofjord Brass, LANGHUS, Norway
Oslofjord Kammerfilharmoni, OSLO, Norway
Oslokappleiken, OSLO, Norway
OsloProg, OSLO, Norway
Oslopuls, OSLO, Norway
Ost & Kjex, Norway
Osøren Blues & Jazz Festival, OS, Norway
Ovation - Baadsvik Music Shop, RANHEIM, Norway
Over Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Ovis Records DA, RÅHOLT, Norway
Oyster, OSLO, Norway
Ozella Music, D-33178 BORCHEN, Germany
O.A. og Agathe Backer Grøndahls legat, OSLO, Norway
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