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This directory features links, addresses and other relevant information on Norwegian artists, musicians, composers, bands, orchestras, companies and organizations - even historical data. The database contains more than 14000 entries.


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P-I.S.W.Norway, FREI, Norway
P4 Radio Hele Norge ASA, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
PA Produksjoner Bergen AS, BERGEN, Norway
Padington, Norway
Pagan's Mind, SKIEN, Norway
Page 9, Norway
PAH Records, Norway
Pain Solution, OSLO, Norway
Palace of Pleasure, NESODDTANGEN, Norway
Pale Forest, RAUFOSS, Norway
Palindromic Records, OSLO, Norway
Palmesus, KRISTIANSAND, Norway
Pam, Norway
Pan Jazz Production A/S (PJP AS), VOSS, Norway
Pan m records, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Panavizion Series, Norway
pandemi, MELSOMVIK, Norway
Pandora Peaks, OSLO, Norway
Panic Festival, BIRKELAND, Norway
Panorama Media, OSLO, Norway
Panpot Acoustic Systems, OSLO, Norway
Panser Records, OSLO, Norway
Panzerveps, OSLO, Norway
Paperboys, OSLO, Norway
parachutes, STOKKE, Norway
Paratus Media AS, DRAMMEN, Norway
Parergon, OSLO, Norway
Paris International Oboe Competition/Ville d'Avray 10.-11.03.2007, FR-75116 PARIS, France
Park Grammofon, SLEPENDEN, Norway
Parkenfestivalen, BODØ, Norway
Parkfestivalen, MOSS, Norway
Parkteatret Scene, OSLO, Norway
Partyexpressen, RÅHOLT, Norway
Pastor'n & Diffen, OSLO, Norway
Patchwork Record Productions, BERGEN, Norway
Paul Wagnberg Organ Unit, Norway
Pavane AS, BODØ, Norway
Pawnshop, STAVANGER, Norway
Pax Corpus, Norway
Peau de Pêche, Norway
Peccatum, Norway
Pedro Records, SANDNES, Norway
Peer Gynt, TILLER, Norway
Peersen Production AS, BERGEN, Norway
Peersen Production AS, BERGEN, Norway
Pekka Volt, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Peltz, STAVANGER, Norway
Pen Jakke, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Penitent, Norway
Penthouse Playboys, OSLO, Norway
Pepper Peggy, Norway
Per Gynt Festival, VINSTRA, Norway
Per Høglend Septett, Norway
Per Ivars Orkester, OSLO, Norway
Perculator, OSLO, Norway
Percussion Service, OSLO, Norway
Perfect Day, OSLO, Norway
Perfect Day Studio AS, OSLO, Norway
Perfect Pop Records, OSLO, Norway
Periferifestivalen, GLESVÆR, Norway
Perikom, Norway
Permanent Mission of Norway to The United Nations, US-NEW YORK, NY 10022-7584, USA
Permanent Mission of Norway to the European Union, B-1000 BRUXELLES, Belgium
Perry & The Jukebox, OSLO, Norway
Personal Records, AURLAND, Norway
Peru You, Norway
Per`s Turneteater, RENDALEN, Norway
Petroleum Records, OSLO, Norway
Pettersens Kolonial, HØNEFOSS, Norway
Phantoms, The, OSLO, Norway
PhasePhour, SPYDEBERG, Norway
Philco Fiction, OSLO, Norway
Philip Kruse BigBand, OSLO, Norway
Phillum, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Phoenix Rizing, Norway
Phone Joan, OSLO, Norway
Phoney Fragments, BERGEN, Norway
Phonic Method, OSLO, Norway
Phonofestivalen, BERGEN, Norway
Phonofile AS, OSLO, Norway
Phonophani, BERGEN, Norway
Phy, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Pia Isaksen Design, OSLO, Norway
Pica Fierce, KRISTIANSUND N, Norway
Picazzo, KIRKENÆR, Norway
Pick Up Service A/S, LARVIK, Norway
Pickfactory, AURSKOG, Norway
Pierrot Lunaire International Composition Competition 2007, AT-WIEN, Austria
Piggyback, Norway
Pikene på Broen, KIRKENES, Norway
Piksel Produksjoner, BERGEN, Norway
Pilar Granne Music, MOSS, Norway
Pilate, Norway
Piledriver, OSLO, Norway
Pilemil, OSLO, Norway
Pilgrim Records AS / Både Og ... AS, Special Marketing, OSLO, Norway
Pilot Management AS, OSLO, Norway
Pilota FM, BERGEN, Norway
pinaDgreitt Records, BERGEN, Norway
Ping Pop, OSLO, Norway
Pinguins Percussion Trio, OSLO, Norway
Pinocchio, BERGEN, Norway
Pirate Love, OSLO, Norway
Piraya music, SANDEFJORD, Norway
Piraya Music Publishing, SANDEFJORD, Norway
Piraya Tank, OSLO, Norway
Pirum, Norway
Pistache Records / Gymnocal Industries, FLORVÅG, Norway
Pistolero, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Pitbull records, OSLO, Norway
Pitchfork Media, US-IL 60647 CHICAGO, USA
Pitsj, FJELLHAMAR, Norway
Pizzicato Edizioni Musicali, IT-33100 UDINE, Italy
PIZZICATO Verlag Helvetia, CH-8810 HORGEN , Switzerland
PK & DanseFolket, STRANDA, Norway
PlanB, OSLO, Norway
Planet Mastergod, HALDEN, Norway
Planet Noise, OSLO, Norway
Planet Satan Revolution, TØNSBERG, Norway
planet.no, OSLO, Norway
Plann, OSLO, Norway
Plassen Produksjon, VINJE, Norway
Plastic Head Music Distribution Ltd, GB-OX10 9YL OXFORDSHIRE, England, UK
Plastic Strip Press, OSLO, Norway
Platearbeiderne, OSLO, Norway
Platekompaniet AS, OSLO, Norway
Plateselskapet AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Plateselskapet Skarv AS, STAVANGER, Norway
Plateselskapet SUK Sandvikens Ungdomskorps, BERGEN, Norway
Platinum Entertainment Norway AS, OSLO, Norway
Platon Musikk AS, BERGEN, Norway
Playground Music Scandinavia, OSLO, Norway
Playit Records, OSLO, Norway
PlayLouder, GB-E2 7EF LONDON, England, UK
Playmates, The, Norway
PlayMusicMagazine, OSLO, Norway
Playroom Artist AS, OSLO, Norway
Plazma Zatzuma, Norway
Pleasure, Norway
Plingplong Productions, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Plirk, Norway
Ploink, BERGEN, Norway
Plumbo, Norway
Plus47- NEDLAGT, Norway
Pluss, Norway
Plusskon Gisle Lunde, SKIEN, Norway
Plywood, MAURA, Norway
PNEK - Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway, OSLO, Norway
Podium, OVERHALLA, Norway
Pogo Pops, BERGEN, Norway
Pokerlaget, OSLO, Norway
Polar Artist AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Polar Rock Festival, STORSTEINES, Norway
Polarjazz 78'N, LONGYEARBYEN, Norway
Polyesterday, Norway
Polyvox AS, OSLO, Norway
Pomorfestivalen, VARDØ, Norway
Pompel & The Pilts, BERGEN, Norway
Ponca Jazz Records, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Pony The Pirate, OSLO, Norway
Poor Rich Ones, BERGEN, Norway
Pop Goes The World, Norway
Popbox, Norway
Popcorn Explosion, The, OSLO, Norway
Popface, OSLO, Norway
Popfest, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Popium, BERGEN, Norway
PopKomm, D-14055 BERLIN, Germany
Popol Vuh / Popol Ace, OSLO, Norway
PopPartner (Records, Publishing, Booking), MOELV, Norway
Poppel Records, OSLO, Norway
Poppets, HALDEN, Norway
Popscore, Norway
Pornofilm, OSLO, Norway
Pornshot, OSLO, Norway
Pors Duo, SKIEN, Norway
Port Azur, OSLO, Norway
Portrait of David, OSLO, Norway
Postgirobygget, Norway
Posthum, JESSHEIM, Norway
PostScriptum, OSLO, Norway
post@avab-cac.no, OSLO, Norway
post@recommend.no, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Powpow, OSLO, Norway
Preacherman's Daughter, Norway
Precautious Wendy, Norway
Premier League, TRONDHEIM, Norway
PreMotion AS, OSLO, Norway
Presense Records, BØ I TELEMARK, Norway
Pretty Price Antikvariat, OSLO, Norway
Pride and Fall, STAVANGER, Norway
Prillarhorn, MANGER, Norway
Prima Music AS, FJELLSTRAND, Norway
Prima Vera, OSLO, Norway
Prima Vista, Norway
Prima Vista Music, BERGEN, Norway
Prime Time Orchestra, Norway
Princess Leah, OSLO, Norway
Prinsesse Astrids Musikkpris, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Printing AS, OSLO, Norway
Prismatic Trance, Norway
Pro Arte International Artist's Management, FYLLINGSDALEN, Norway
Pro Musica Antiqua, Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Pro Musica AS, YTRE ENEBAKK, Norway
Productionwise, EYDEHAVN, Norway
Professor Jan A. Christensens Minnefond, BERGEN, Norway
Proffene, BERGEN, Norway
Program 81, BERGEN, Norway
Progress Records, OSLO, Norway
Progrock.no, HEMNES, Norway
Project 2501, Norway
Promo Erectus, OSLO, Norway
Promoavdelingen as, OSLO, Norway
PromoPartner Ltd, DOKKA, Norway
Propeller Mastering AS, OSLO, Norway
Propeller Recordings, OSLO, Norway
Prosentkampanjen, OSLO, Norway
Prosessor Balthazar, OSLO, Norway
PROTON Booking & Management, DE-10437 BERLIN, Germany
Prudence, NAMSOS, Norway
Prøysenfestivalen - Blåklokkevikua, RUDSHØGDA, Norway
Prøysenhuset, RUDSHØGDA, Norway
Pråm&Sill, LANGESUND, Norway
PS-Music Norway, LARVIK, Norway
Pstereo, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Pstereo.no, EGERSUND, Norway
PS! Records, BERGEN, Norway
Public Enemies, OSLO, Norway
Publiners, Norway
Pulp Vixen, TROMSØ, Norway
Pulpit Rock Festival, STAVANGER, Norway
Puls, OSLO, Norway
Puls - A Tribute To Pink Floyd, VENNESLA, Norway
Puma, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Pumps, The, OSLO, Norway
Punishment Park, Norway
Purchasing Programme for New Norwegian Music, OSLO, Norway
Pure Classic Management, TØNSBERG, Norway
Pure Delusion Records, OSLO, Norway
Purified in Blood, SANDNES, Norway
Purified Minds, Norway
Purple Heep, ROSSLAND, Norway
Push, BERGEN, Norway
Pussycats, The, Norway
Pust, OSLO, Norway
PVC, OSLO, Norway
PVest Sogn og Fjordane Radio AS, SOGNDAL, Norway
PW Entertainment AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Päronsoda, Norway
Pølsemakerne, Norway
På Kanten, KRAGERØ, Norway
Pål Moddi Knutsen, KALDFARNES, Norway
P.I.K.E., Norway
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