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This directory features links, addresses and other relevant information on Norwegian artists, musicians, composers, bands, orchestras, companies and organizations - even historical data. The database contains more than 14000 entries.


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T-A Sound Production, FJELL, Norway
Tabasco Pladasco, OSLO, Norway
Tables, The, OSLO, Norway
Taboo, BODØ, Norway
Tabu Recordings, OSLO, Norway
Tacet NCV, Norway
Tacoheads, Norway
Tactus, VESTBY, Norway
Tadpole, Norway
taffelmusikk.no, OSLO, Norway
Tahiti-festivalen, KRISTIANSUND N, Norway
Talent as, OSLO, Norway
Talent Farm as, BERGEN, Norway
Talent Trust AB, SE-411 19 GÖTEBORG, Sweden
Tanabreddens Ungdom=Deatnogátte Nuorat, Norway
Tangle Edge, NARVIK, Norway
Tango Concertino, Norway
Tango for 3, OSLO, Norway
Tankeranglingfestivalen, LARDAL, Norway
TAP Trondheim Audio ProductionI, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Tape to Zero, OSLO, Norway
Tapperiet, MOLDE, Norway
Target Music Group ASA, EE-74016 HARJUMAA, Estonia
Tascam, Norway
Tassili, Norway
Tatra Records AS, NESODDTANGEN, Norway
Taus, BERGEN, Norway
Tautra, TRONDHEIM, Norway
ta:lik, LOMEN, Norway
TBmusic, MATRAND, Norway
Team Blitzkrieg, BERGEN, Norway
Team me, OSLO, Norway
Team Spirit, OSLO, Norway
Team Studio, STAVANGER, Norway
Team Work AS Eirik Sørdahl, MYRE, Norway
Technicolor Dream, A, OSLO, Norway
Teddybears, The, OSLO, Norway
Tee Production, OSLO, Norway
Teebee & K, Norway
Teencats, The, ELVERUM, Norway
Teglverket, BERGEN, Norway
Teip, TRONDHEIM, Norway
TEKS - Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Tekstforfatterfondet, OSLO, Norway
Tekstforfatterfondet, OSLO, Norway
Telemark Backline ans, SKIEN, Norway
Telemark Brass Quintet, PORSGRUNN, Norway
Telemark Fylkeskommune, Kulturetaten, BØ I TELEMARK, Norway
Telemark International Folk Music Festival, BØ I TELEMARK, Norway
Telemark Kammerorkester, SELJORD, Norway
Telemark Musikkbyrå, LANGESUND, Norway
Tellé Records & Management, BERGEN, Norway
Tellusalie, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Temmelig Hemmelig, Norway
Tempo, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Tempo Toppers, Norway
Ten Men Workin', Norway
Tennessee Beats, OSLO, Norway
Tennis, Norway
tenThing, Norway
Termo Records, OSLO, Norway
Terningkast.no, BERGEN, Norway
Terra Brasilis Production Inc, HØVIK, Norway
Terranoidz, Norway
Terry Lehns, Norway
Tertnes Brass, Norway
Testfirma - Firma, OSLO, Norway
Texas Twisters, OSLO, Norway
The Agency Group, GB-LONDON EC1V 1PQ, England, UK
The Aller Værste!, BERGEN, Norway
The Allseeing I, OSLO, Norway
The Audio-Light - Vision association, OSLO, Norway
The Barb Wire Festival, BERGEN, Norway
The Boogiemen Inc., ORKANGER, Norway
The Chamberchoir Bocca, HAUGESUND, Norway
The Clinic productions, OSLO, Norway
The Council for Music Organizations in Norway, OSLO, Norway
The culture church Jakob, OSLO, Norway
The Deep Roots, FAGERSTRAND, Norway
The Eagle Male Choir, VESTSKOGEN, Norway
The Early Childhood Music Association of Norway, STAVANGER, Norway
The Festival of Silence, NESBRU, Norway
The Gloger Festival, KONGSBERG, Norway
The Great Escape, GB-LONDON EC1M 3JB, England, UK
The Grieg Academy, Dept. of music, University of Bergen, BERGEN, Norway
The Grieg Archives, Bergen Public Library, BERGEN, Norway
The Groove Valley Jazzcamp, MOLDJORD, Norway
The Heroy Pageant "The King's ring", FOSNAVÅG, Norway
The International Gipsy Music Festival '' IAGORI '', OSLO, Norway
The Jorddunst Festival, DYRVIK, Norway
The Leopard Man's African Music Guide, TRONDHEIM, Norway
The Lounge, Norway
The Midnight Sun Festival, LAKSELV, Norway
The Music Company Nordic AB, S-18276 DANDERYD, Sweden
The music council for Hedmark and Oppland, HAMAR, Norway
The Northern Lights Music Festival, TROMSØ, Norway
The Norwegian Academy of Music, Library, OSLO, Norway
The Norwegian Festival of Literature, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
The Norwegian International Film Festival, HAUGESUND, Norway
The Norwegian Jazz Base, MO I RANA, Norway
The Norwegian Music Club, US-MARINE ON ST. CROIX, MN 55047, USA
The Norwegian National Ballet, OSLO, Norway
The Norwegian School, RM-ANTSIRABE 110, Madagascar
The Norwegian School, SZ-NHLANGANGO, Swaziland
The Norwegian School Costa Blanca, E-03580 ALFAZ DEL PI (ALICANTE), Spain
The Norwegian School Gran Canaria Valle Marina, E-GRAN CANARIA, Spain
The Norwegian School in Ecuador, EC-CUENCA, Ecuador
The Norwegian School in London, GB-LONDON SW20 8AH, England, UK
The Norwegian Soloists' Choir, OSLO, Norway
The Norwegian Student Choral Society , OSLO, Norway
The Norwegian Wind Ensemble, HALDEN, Norway
The Protest Festival, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
The Queen Sonja International Music Competition, OSLO, Norway
The Saint Olav Drama, VERDAL, Norway
The St. Olav Days, VERDAL, Norway
The Toothfairy Label as, SANDVIKA, Norway
The Træna Festival, TRÆNA, Norway
The Walls Have Ears Moving Studio, OSLO, Norway
The Wire, GB-LONDON E1 7SA, England, UK
The Yellow Snow Festival, LARVIK, Norway
The Young Ones Band, BEIARN, NORDLAND, Norway
The Åsmunds, Norway
Theatre Of Tragedy, Norway
Thelma and Clyde, OSLO, Norway
Thelyblast, Norway
thema, ULSET, Norway
Therese og Anton Klavenes reise- og studiestipend, OSLO, Norway
Thesaurus, Norway
Thing, The, Norway
Third and the mortal, The, Norway
This Is Management & Promotion, OSLO, Norway
This Negative Karma, STAVANGER, Norway
Thomas S, Norway
Thorns, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Thorsen & Solide Saken, Norway
Thorstad Underholdning, LARVIK, Norway
Thorvald Meyer og hustru født Toftes legat heri opptatt Agnes Meyers legat, OSLO, Norway
Those Norwegians, TROMSØ, Norway
Thou Shalt Suffer, Norway
Three Hits, OSLO, Norway
Three Hits, OSLO, Norway
Thule, HONNINGSVÅG, Norway
Thule Records, HONNINGSVÅG, Norway
Thulsa Doom, OSLO, Norway
Thunderbolt, OSLO, Norway
Tiar, Norway
Ticnet, OSLO, Norway
Tidevann, MOLDE, Norway
Tidfall, Norway
Tidligmusikk.no, OSLO, Norway
Tiger, OSLO, Norway
Tiger City Jukes, Norway
Til Dovre Faller, DOMBÅS, Norway
tim, OSLO, Norway
Tim Records, OSLO, Norway
Time Jungle, STAVANGER, Norway
Time Lodgers, The, OSLO, Norway
Time Management, STAVANGER, Norway
TimeOut Agency & Concerts AS, OSLO, Norway
Tindra, OSLO, Norway
Tindrum, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Tine Records, OSLO, Norway
Tinn Productions, OSLO, Norway
Tinnitus Management, OSLO, Norway
Tinnitus Recording, BERGEN, Norway
Tinnsjø Dansefestival, MÆL, Norway
Tiny Traxx Records, TØNSBERG, Norway
Tiriltunga, ÅL, Norway
Titanic, Norway
Titano Festivalen, VINSTRA, Norway
Tivoli Artists Management, DK-1630 KØBENHAVN K, Denmark
Tjuvstartfestivalen, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Tjøme Kulturformidling, TJØME, Norway
TMC Entertainment, DANDERYD, Sweden
TMS Management OU, HARJUMAA, Estonia
TNT, Norway
To Møre, OSLO, Norway
To rustne herrer, OSLO, Norway
To + To, Norway
Tobben & Ero, Norway
Toby & Helfner, OSLO, Norway
Tocano AS, NESBRU, Norway
Toftefestivalen, TOFTE, Norway
Toini & the Tomcats, ENGALSVIK, Norway
Tolv Volt, OSLO, Norway
Tom Rasmussen Produksjoner, BERGEN, Norway
Toma, BERGEN, Norway
Tomboy, ASKØY, Norway
Tommadagan, NESNA, Norway
Tommy Luger, OSLO, Norway
Tommy Tokyo, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
ToNeArt Booking, OSLO, Norway
Tonearv, RAULAND, Norway
Toneheim Folkehøgskole, RIDABU, Norway
TONENS MAKT Norsk Arbeidersangerforbund, OSLO, Norway
Tonight!Tonight! Booking & Management, BERGEN, Norway
TONO -the Norwegian Performing Right Society, OSLO, Norway
Too Far Gone, Norway
Toothfairy, SANDVIKA, Norway
Top of the mountain, BEITOSTØLEN, Norway
Top of the World International Piano Compoetition, TROMSØ, Norway
Top of the world productions, OSLO, Norway
Top2 Music Centre, SG-SINGAPORE 758459 , Singapore
Topangas, The, HAUGESUND, Norway
Toppen International Summer Academy of Music, MOSJØEN, Norway
Topper & Cadbury, OSLO, Norway
Toproom Studio, LUNNER, Norway
Tor Erik & Kåre, SELLEBAKK, Norway
Torch, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Tord Gustavsen Ensemble, OSLO, Norway
Tore Johansen Kvartett, BODØ, Norway
Torgeir & Kjendisene, MOSS, Norway
Torghattfestivalen, BRØNNØYSUND, Norway
Torino, ØRSKOG, Norway
Tornado AS, OSLO, Norway
Tornerose, BERGEN, Norway
Torpfestivalen, VESTBY, Norway
Torry Enghs, Norway
Total Concept Management, WEST YORKSHIRE, WF12 9XS, England, UK
Tou Scene, STAVANGER, Norway
Touch Music, GB-, England, UK
Touch the Sky, DRAMMEN, Norway
Touchdown Music AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Touchè!, Norway
Touchstone, TØNSBERG, Norway
Toy, BERGEN, Norway
TPWB Records, OSLO, Norway
Tracemen, The, SKIEN, Norway
Traces Gospel Choir, OSLO, Norway
Trade & Technology Office Japan, JP-MINATO-KU, TOKYO 106-0047, Japan
TradJazzWeekend, STAVANGER, Norway
Trafo.no, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
Trail Of Tears, KRISTIANSAND, Norway
Trained To Bite, OSLO, Norway
Traktor, OSLO, Norway
Tram Lydstudio AS, STAVANGER, Norway
Tramps the, Norway
Tramteateret, Norway
Trancefixion, Norway
Tranceplants, The, BERGEN, Norway
Trandalblues - bratt og blått, TRANDAL, Norway
Trang Fødsel, OSLO, Norway
Transformator, BERGEN, Norway
Transgressive Productions, OSLO, Norway
Transistor, SAUPSTAD, Norway
Transiteatret-Bergen, BERGEN, Norway
Transjoik, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Transnational Arts Production (TrAP), OSLO, Norway
Tranåsmartnan, JØA, Norway
Trapes Kulturproduksjon & Management AS, BERGEN, Norway
Trashcan Darlings, OSLO, Norway
Tre Små Kinesere, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Tre Tainers, Norway
Treat4Feet, DRAMMEN, Norway
Trebåtfestivalen, ULSTEINVIK, Norway
Treider Event, SLATTUM, Norway
Trekkspillnytt, OSLO, Norway
Trelldom, SUNNFJORD, Norway
Tremolo, BORGEN, Norway
Tremolo DA, KOLVEREID, Norway
Tremolo Wankers, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trendkiller, LØRENSKOG, Norway
TreStock Festivalen, NESODDTANGEN, Norway
Tretopp Studio, OSLO, Norway
Treungenfestivalen, TREUNGEN, Norway
Tri-Dim, Norway
Tri O'Trang, Norway
TRIADA Promotion, 415 02 SE-GÖTEBORG, Sweden
Tribal Trax Records, OSLO, Norway
Tribe Records, OSLO, Norway
Tribute as, SANDNES, Norway
Trikkehallen på Kjelsås, OSLO, Norway
Trinacria, Norway
Trio Brio, Norway
Trio de Janeiro, OSLO, Norway
Trio DeMent, FREDRIKSTAD, Norway
Trio La Campanela, NYBORG, Norway
Trio Mediaeval, OSLO, Norway
Trio Troika, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trio Vier, OSLO, Norway
Triol Music School, HAMAR, Norway
Triola, NESBRU, Norway
Trio.no, Norway
Trispann, VINJE, Norway
Tristania, STAVANGER, Norway
Tritonos Lyd AS, HØNEFOSS, Norway
Trivial Act, ARENDAL, Norway
Troilltampen, STORJORD I TYSFJORD, Norway
Troldsalen, Edv. Grieg Museum, PARADIS, Norway
Troll, OSLO, Norway
TROLL productions, IS-101 REYKJAVIK, Iceland
Trollblues, ISFJORDEN, Norway
Trollrock, BEITOSTØLEN , Norway
Trommer.no, OSLO, Norway
Troms Fylkeskomune, Kulturetaten, TROMSØ, Norway
Troms Music-Counsil, TROMSØ, Norway
Troms sangerforum, TROMSØ, Norway
Tromsø Beer Festival, TROMSØ, Norway
Tromsø Bibliotek Musikkavdelingen, TROMSØ, Norway
Tromsø Jazzklubb, TROMSØ, Norway
Tromsø Kammerorkester, TROMSØ, Norway
Tromsø Kunstforsyning, TROMSØ, Norway
Tromsø Performing Arts Centre, TROMSØ, Norway
Tromsø University College, Faculty of Art, Music Conservatory, TROMSØ, Norway
Tromsø World Music Festival, TROMSØ, Norway
Trond Erics, Norway
Trond & Trond AS, OSLO, Norway
Trondarnes folk high school, music group, HARSTAD, Norway
Trondheim Big Band, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Byorkester, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Calling, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Chamber Choir, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Folkebibliotek Musikkavdelingen, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition & Academy, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Jazz Festival, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Kammermusikalske Selskap, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Matchmaking, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Musikkpark, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Opera Festivalkontoret, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Private Musikkskole AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Rock, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Rockfestival, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Sinfonietta, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Soloists, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Sosialistiske Kor, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Spektrum, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim String Quartet, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Studio, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Trombone Quartet, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Underground Radio, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondheim Wind Quintet, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Trondhjems Studentersangforening, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Tronstock festival, SYLLING, Norway
Trouble Circus, BODØ, Norway
Trucks, Norway
Trude Bergheim Mikkelsen, YTRE ARNA, Norway
TrueTone Agency, BERGEN, Norway
Truls and the Trees, OSLO, Norway
Trulz & Robin, Norway
Trumpet Jungle Records, SKJÆRHALLEN, Norway
Trust Me, OSLO, Norway
Trysilfestivalen, TRYSIL, Norway
Trøste og Bære, Norway
TS Partner, HEIMDAL, Norway
Tsjuder, OSLO, Norway
Ttentertainment, FANNREM, Norway
TTO Production, HOKKSUND, Norway
TTV Music Publishing, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Tuba Records AS, OSLO, Norway
Tubesnakes, STORD, Norway
Tubesnakes, STORD, Norway
Tubs, The, Norway
Tuco's Lounge, BERGEN, Norway
Tuesday Girls, The/ The Tuesdays, Norway
Tugboat, Norway
Tumbleweed, STAVANGER, Norway
Tumblewine Films, OSLO, Norway
Tuna Laguna, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Tunes, HARSTAD, Norway
Tungtvann, OSLO, Norway
Tunicates, The, Norway
Tunsberg Grammofonselskap AS, TØNSBERG, Norway
Tuphonia, Norway
turbine agency, OSLO, Norway
Turbo Management, OSLO, Norway
Turbonegro, OSLO, Norway
Turbostipend, BERGEN, Norway
Turdus Musicus, TROMSØ, Norway
Turili Musikk og Teater, LILLESTRØM, Norway
Turns, The, Norway
Tu`ba, Norway
TV Noise, Norway
TV2 - Bergen, BERGEN, Norway
TV5, OSLO, Norway
TVA - Talent Video & Audio Produksjon AS, OSLO, Norway
Tvers Forlag, FEVIK, Norway
Twang, LANGHUS, Norway
TwangGang, VOSS, Norway
Tweeterfriendly Music, BERGEN, Norway
Twigs, BERGEN, Norway
Twin, Norway
Twinklehead, OSLO, Norway
Twisted Chords, DE-76327 PFINZTAL, Germany
Tydal Gammeldanslag, TYDAL, Norway
Tydalsfestival'n, TYDAL, Norway
Tylden & Co. AS, OSLO, Norway
Tynset Folkebibliotek Musikkavdelingen, TYNSET, Norway
Tysnesfest, TYSNES, Norway
Tømmerfløtivalen, FINNSKOGEN, Norway
Tömmermenn, STEINBERG, Norway
Tønsberg sangforening, TØNSBERG, Norway
Tøyen, OSLO, Norway
Tåm Box, HORTEN, Norway
Taake, Norway
Taakeferd, TROMSØ, Norway
T&M, ASKER, Norway
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