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Ubåt, MYSEN, Norway
UD reisestøtte MUSIKK, OSLO, Norway
UD støtte til kulturutveksling med land i sør - MUSIKK, OSLO, Norway
Ufficio Nazionale Norvegese per il Turismo, I-20135 MILANO, Italy
Ugress, BERGEN, Norway
Uhørt, OSLO, Norway
UiO-Festivalen, OSLO, Norway
UKA i Trondheim, TRONDHEIM, Norway
UKA i Ås, ÅS, Norway
UKA Lillehammer, LILLEHAMMER, Norway
UKA på Blindern, OSLO, Norway
UKS-Biennalen, OSLO, Norway
Ullern Avis Akersposten, OSLO, Norway
Ullern Janitsjarkorps, OSLO, Norway
Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, OSLO, Norway
Ultimat Artist, DRØBAK, Norway
Ultimate Dilemma Recordings, GB-LONDON SW6 7TR, England, UK
Ultralyd, STAVANGER, Norway
Ulver, NESODDEN, Norway
Umbrella, OSLO, Norway
Uncle's institution, OSLO, Norway
Uncle Deadly, OSLO, Norway
Under Brua Festivalen, RIDABU, Norway
Under the Kilt, ROGNAN, Norway
Underachievers, The, Norway
UnderDogs International, OSLO, Norway
Underdose, Norway
Underground Records, TROMSØ, Norway
Underholdningsavdelingen, OSLO, Norway
Underholdningsavdelingen, OSLO, Norway
Underholdningsnett, MOSS, Norway
Undertakers Cirkus, LILLESTRØM, Norway
Ung i Kor Nord, TROMSØ, Norway
Ung Nordisk Musikk - Norge, OSLO, Norway
Ung Pike Forsvunnet, OSLO, Norway
Ung Symfoni, BERGEN, Norway
Ungdommens musikkmesterskap, BERGEN, Norway
Ungdomsklubben Bizarre, BERGEN, Norway
Ungdomskonsert.no, BERGEN, Norway
Ungdomskulen, BERGEN, Norway
Unge Frustrerte Menn, Norway
Ungjazzfestivalen, ÅLESUND, Norway
Unicum AS, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Unidisc as, OSLO, Norway
Union Rock, DRAMMEN, Norway
Union Scene, DRAMMEN, Norway
Unistar Management Ltd, LEVANGER, Norway
Unit Five, OSLO, Norway
Unit One Production & Management Co, OSLO, Norway
United Music, LUNNER, Norway
United Music Service AS, OSLO, Norway
United Stage Management Group, SE-100 61 STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Uniton Productions AS, OSLO, Norway
Universal Music Norway, OSLO, Norway
Universal Music Publishing, OSLO, Norway
Universitas, OSLO, Norway
Universitetets symfoniorkester, Oslo, OSLO, Norway
Universitetetsbiblioteket i Stavanger , STAVANGER, Norway
Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen, Griegakademiets bibliotek, BERGEN, Norway
Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromsø, TROMSØ, Norway
University of Agder, Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, KRISTIANSAND S, Norway
University of Oslo, Aula, OSLO, Norway
University of Stavanger Music Production & Recording, STAVANGER, Norway
Unlimited Management, SLEPENDEN, Norway
UNM, OSLO, Norway
UNO Record Company, NESODDTANGEN, Norway
Up Front Artists, OSLO, Norway
Up n`Coming, OSLO, Norway
Up To Fly, NOTODDEN, Norway
Upper Rooms, OSLO, Norway
Upsidedownbass, BERGEN, Norway
Uptowners, The, ASKER, Norway
Uranienborg Vokalensemble, OSLO, Norway
Urban Connection, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Urban Sound Studios AS, OSLO, Norway
Urban Tunélls Klezmerband, OSLO, Norway
Urban Visions, OSLO, Norway
Urijazz, TØNSBERG, Norway
URO, OSLO, Norway
Urospredere, KRISTIANSAND, Norway
User Friendly Records, LAKSEVÅG, Norway
USF Verftet, BERGEN, Norway
Utkant, ÅNNELAND, Norway
Utla, OSLO, Norway
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