Apocalypse Dudes

Seterveien 34

Web: www.apocalypsedudes.com

E-post: apdudes@hotmail.com

Telefon: 936 03 548

Etablert: 2006

Apocalypse Dudes (or just Dudes) is a punkrock group from Norway. Five boys with the right attitude. They have played with Turbonegro and at Turbonegro-parties five times. Booked by Turbonegro to play at their release party for their new book written by Haakon Moslet in 2007. Booket by Hank von Hell to play at the Jesus Christ Superstar-event in The Norwegian Theatre in winter 2010. Have done 220 concerts in five yrs. 3000 punkfans saluted Dudes at The River Festival in Drammen, Norway 2008. Happy-Tom in Tubronegro is a member of the teengroups fanclub on Facebook. Played as main band at The Big Bender in London 2010.

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