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Paul Gelsomine

New York native Paul Gelsomine`s versatile career spans over 3 decades and his creative talents have brought forth countless opportunities for him of a varied nature. While he was still in school on Long Island, he was signed to a songwriting contract with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

In the early 70’s he became an in-demand A-list session player in and around New York. Playing drums, banjo, singing and doing voiceovers on many recordings and compositions and contributed to radio, television and film soundtracks.

After college the trail of music led him to Nashville. Under the guidance of producers Shelby Singleton and Royce Clark, as an in-house writer he composed music, and worked as a studio musician, which resulted in releases for numerous artists, as well as his own projects. He also became the first non-southerner to release music on Sun Records label.

This was an exiting time for music in the USA, as well as other territories around the globe, which resulted in many touring opportunities and studio sessions for Paul. He continued to tour and record with various acts including his own throughout the nineties. His stories and his music were then heard in many European cities and Scandinavian towns, before setting his sights towards New York again.

Through his affiliation with TONO, NCB and ASCAP, he has built up a catalog which he offers to interested business partners, for licensing and placement opportunities.

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Født: 09.10.1953 (Brooklyn, New York)

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Flere lenker: - Licensing of music Esssential Sound Music Publishing (ASCAP)



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