Edward Safin

Project "Ed og Lys" is Ed Safinn (voice, synth, programming, guitar, mixing, sax, design, photo, lyrics) and Lys S. (voice, guitar, synth, piano, mixing, photo, design, lyrics). Project "Ed og Lys" it not only music, but also design and photo, as well as video, and literary tests and painting. They supplement each other. Electronica / Indie / Industrial

Web: www.edoglys.com

E-post: ed.safinn@gmail.com

Flere lenker:

www.myspace.com/edlys - på Myspace

www.myspace.com/lyssedoglys - Lys S. på Myspace

www.jamendo.com/en/artist/Ed_og_Lys - On Jamendo

arcticarts.net/Arctic_Art_Promotion/Home.html -



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