Mikael Siouzios

Mikael Siouzios

Started in the music business back in the end of 1993. Formed the band Naer Mataron with which i released, 1 demo recording, 4 albums, 1 double CD re-release of the first 2 albums, one CD compilation with demo and live material and 1 song especially recorded for that release, one 7EP and one Split 7"EP. In 2006, i stopped being a part of that band.
Relocated from Athens to Oslo and then Notodden, Norway. Formed in 2006 the band Den Saakaldte. So far, Den Saakaldte has released the "Øl,Mørke of Depresjon" lim.to 1000 copies CD release, our official debut "All Hail Pessimism" CD from Avantgarde Music, from Italy and the split 7"EP Den Saakaldte(Nor)/Shining(swe) "Live Recordings".
Management: Patricia Thomas, ravenwing@hotmail.co.uk
Plateselskap: Katastrophy Records, rob@avantgardemusic.com

Web: www.densaakaldte.com

E-post: sykelig@densaakaldte.com

Født: 11.05.1980 (Athens)

Flere lenker:

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