Phonofile AS

P.O. Box 8800 Youngstorget
N-0028 OSLO, Norway



Phone: (+47) 962 33 030

Fax: (+47)

Established: 1999

Street address: Pløens Gate 1

Phonofile is an independent music aggregator, working with over 1.000 labels and a catalogue of more than 220.000 tracks covering a wide variety of styles and genres. The company holds a strong position in the Nordic territory, and work with labels throughout the world. Phonofile has offices in Oslo and Stockholm.

To facilitate the need for transparency in digital sales, Phonofile offers a highly sophisticated online tool where labels can access and manage their catalogue, monitor daily updated sales reports and add new content online. Phonofile cover all major services like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Wimp, Platekompaniet, emusic etc.

Contakt person(s):

Brataas, Erik Director, (+47) 91 51 13 57

Bøhn, Knut Finance

Førde, Trond Stian Distribution Manager

Solvåg, Magnus System Developer

Stamenkovic, Daggan Country manager Sweden

Tornes, Trond Marketing Director

Record Industry\Distributors / Wholesalers
Retailers\Internet Shops


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