Samspill International Music Network

Hausmannsgt 6
N-0186 OSLO, Norway



Phone: (+47) 22825190

Fax: (+47) 21379406

Established: 1999

Street address: Hausmannsgt 6

Samspill International Music Network is an association for world music performers living in Norway. The association receives yearly a financial support from the Norwegian government to work and assist the members in Samspill in their daily assignments and challenges as artist musicians in Norway.

Samspill does not function as a booking management agency. We work rather politically, institutionally and as professional assistant to rise better conditions in Norway for the development of world music over the whole country.

We provide as well facilities as rehearse room, professional photography sessions, travel advantage for groups, assistance for financial application and evaluation for work done by musicians in the world music sector.

Through our international network, we build relationships between world musicians performers and organize
concerts and workshops with focus on world musi

Contakt person(s):

Coron, Pierre J Event Manager, (+47) 479 42 664

Gueye, Mar Managing Director, (+47) 959 42 068

Segal, Miriam Manager, (+47) 918 15 516

Wilson, Dominic Producer, (+47) 918 39 239

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