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Platousgt. 18
N-0190 OSLO, Norway

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Established: 1938

Contemporary music organisation that supports and promotes the development of contemporary music in Norway and Norwegian contemporary music abroad. Further, it assists musicians and composers in Norway with practical, economic and professional support. Among its many tasks, Ny Musikk mediates information and knowledge about contemporary music and new musical forms of expression to the cultural community at large, and is actively engaged as a representative for contemporary music in Norway. Membership is open to all of those with an interest in contemporary music. Ny Musikk has branch offices in Kristiansand, Rogaland, Bergen, Trondheim, Nordland and Troms Counties and arranges concerts, festivals, seminars and other activities throughout the country in collaboration with these branches and with other organisations and institutions. Ny Musikk forms the Norwegian section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM).

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