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Established: 1995

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SPUNK has had an extraordinary career so far. Started out by exploring whatever they found interesting in the musical field in 1995, and after approximately one year they started presenting work at concerts. Since then a lot of people have visited their concerts, seminars and bought music. SPUNK's musical field is hard to describe, because they consist of 4 musicians with very different backgrounds - classical, contemporary, jazz, pop, rock, techno, even country - that makes a musical landscape which is new to most people, even to well trained musicians. Have played in very different kind of settings: Theatre music, improvisation to pictures at an art museum, participation at classical concerts as well as their own concerts at jazz clubs, techno clubs and festivals abroad and in Norway, Collaboration with musicians and composers from various music styles, improvisation seminars and concerts with participants, film music and music for art installations.

Performing Bodies\Bands (rock/pop/jazz etc.)


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