Oslo Internasjonale Kirkemusikkfestival
(Oslo International Church Music Festival)

Kongens gate 4
N-0153 OSLO, Norway

Web: www.kirkemusikkfestivalen.no/index.php

Email: info@kirkemusikkfestivalen.no

Phone: (+47) 22 41 81 15

Established: 2000

This is one of Norway’s leading church music festivals and has been held annually since its founding in 2000. The Festival has proven very popular and has offered Norwegian audiences an extensive programme featuring some of the most highly renowned international and Norwegian choirs, orchestras and church musicians. The Festival aims to capture the wonderful range of church music from the Middle Ages to the present day and to captivate audiences with a plethora of expressions and styles. Our desire is to reflect the time we live in and to offer our audience new approaches and musical encounters. We believe that the Festival allows for both tradition and experimentation in its unique combination of eras, styles and musicians.

Contakt person(s):

Bothner-By, Cathrine (+47) 22 41 81 13 cathrine@kirkemusikkfestivalen.no

Hegdal, Erlend (+47) 415 76 042 erlend@kirkemusikkfestivalen.no

Johnsrud, Bente Festival- and Artistic Director, (+47) 92 42 27 14 bente.johnsrud@kirkemusikkfestivalen.no

Øien, Unni (+47) 47 28 66 45 unni@kirkemusikkfestivalen.no

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