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Established: 1997

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Members: helge sten (sound manipulator / audio virus), ståle storløkken (keyboards), jarle vespestad (drums), arve henriksen (trumpet and drums)

Supersilent is, in a sense, the flagship band of Rune Grammofon, and seems to embody the labels manifesto. Supersilent was formed by the alliance of an existing improvisation group called Veslefrekk with ten years of playing history behind them. They played together for the first time, without any prior rehearsal, at the Bergen Jazz Festival in 1997 and immediately made headlines.

The musical success of the experiment convinced the participants that this had to be a permanent group, and they went into the studio to play many hours of non-stop improvisation from which their debut triple album, Supersilent 1-3”, was ultimately drawn. 1-3” was released in Norway in January 1998.

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