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Dokkeskjærskaien 1
N-5006 BERGEN, Norway



Phone: (+47) 55 56 02 17

Established: 2002

New Records is run and owned by record producers Kato Ådland and Hans Petter Gundersen - aka The Sensible Twins. The label emerged from the very active musical environment surrounding their studio, Gjøa Studio in Bergen. After working with several extraordinary artists who were flying too low for major label-radar detection, the idea for an alternative channel grew.10 releases with 7 different artists since 2002, all of them recorded and produced in Gjøa Studio – with the one exception of a licensed High Llamas release. New Records have distribution through Universal/Sonet. Three new releases in spring / summer 2006: Helen Eriksen: Small Hall Classic, House of Hiss: Greatest Hiss, Matias Tellez and That’s it! : title TBA.

Contakt person(s):

Gundersen, Hans Petter

Ådland, Kato

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