TikTak AS

N-5152 BØNES, Norway

Web: www.tiktak.no

Established: 16.05.2003

Closed down: 2007

Mainly concentrated on conveying artists, amongst other related activities. This has entailed working continuously with the company’s own exclusive artists (in such cases, booking single concerts, as well as tours of varying magnitudes). In addition TikTak has brought in foreign artists such Air, The Ark etc. as well as Norwegian artists through foreign booking agents such as Röyksopp. With a clear focus on artists from the Norwegian West Coast, TikTak has undoubtedly been a part of forming the consciousness of Bergen as a cultural centre outside of Norway. The most important concept for TikTak has been helping artists with a unique sound to get to show their product all over the world.

Contakt person(s):

Paulsen, Thomas Agent, (+47) 95 16 34 37 t@tiktak.no


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