Gjøa Studio

Dokkeskjærskaien 1
N-5006 BERGEN, Norway

Web: www.gjoastudio.com

Email: gjoa@gjoastudio.com

Phone: (+47) 55 56 02 17

Established: 1997

Street address: Bergen Havnelager - Skur 24

Gjøa Studio is run and owned by two of Bergen’s record producers Kato Ådland and Hans Petter Gundersen - aka The Sensible Twins. From the time they opened the studio in 1997, they have fostered songwriters writing music which they find extraordinarily interesting. With studio time to explore their ideas and to find their own directions without the pressure of the meter running and mounting expenses, they have gone on to record albums when the time has felt right. (Nathalie Nordnes, Matias Tellez) After a while, already established artists also found their way to Gjøa to record with the Sensible Twins (Sissy Wish, Helen Eriksen ) or to team up with one of them; such as when Madrugada and HP Gundersen recorded the Ane Brun Duet “Lift me up” together.

A long-cherished dream to start their own label became reality with New Records in 2002, and since then they have been able to follow some of their artists all the way from recording to release. (Real Ones, Sergeant Petter, Julian Berntzen )



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