Brattørgt. 3B
N-7010 TRONDHEIM, Norway

Web: www.puma-music.com

Email: post@puma-music.com

Phone: (+47) 91 54 55 65

Established: 2005

Puma won the prestigious JazzIntro award in 2006 as the most promising young jazz group in Norway. Previous winners include bands such as Urban Connection and In the country. Puma is also representing Norway in the Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition at Reykjavik Jazz Festival in Iceland in September 2006. Pumas music is fearless and dynamic with a strong melodic instinct. Pumas live performances are spectacular displays of creative beauty, full on energy and musical sincerity. Puma released their debut album "Isolationism" (Bolage rec.) on March 23 2007, recorded with Audun Kleive (Sissel Endresen, Terje Rypdal, and more) behind the faders and as a co-producer. The band are now looking forward to a busy gigging schedule, and will also feature in Grieg07 together with the fenomenal sound artist Lasse Marhaug

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